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Recommend Woodworking Tools
Pocket Holes Woodworkers

We Recommend the Kreg Jig Master System from Kreg Tools!

The right angle driver works great to drive pocket hole screws in tight places in our Kreg plans.

This right angle driver is an attachment to your regular drill, and works great for getting Kreg pocket screws into tight spaces.

We think the right angle DRILL works wonderfully for driving the Kreg pocket screws in tight spots, but this little attachment to your regular drill works even better.

Milescraft 1302 Drive90 Right Angle Drilling and Driving Power Drill Attachment with 1/4-Inch Hex Quick Change Drive and Magnetic 1/4-inch Socket

Using Milescraft Drive 90 on 3 step Shaker step stool.

Ben used this right angle driver for the first time on the top of this 3-step Shaker style step stool.

Check out the slender space inside the top of the step stool. The right angle drill didn't fit into that narrow space, but the Milescraft Drive 90 worked great.

Use this right angle driver to get into small spaces.

For approximately $25, you have expanded the possibilities for your Kreg Tools pocket jig.

This is an edge planer for your Kreg Tools projects.

This SlickPlane from Woodstock International is a Slick, Little Tool.

The SlickPlane is a hand-held woodworking tool built to round the sharp edges on your free wood project plans.

If you don't own a router, you can round your board edges with this edge planer.

The edge planer is also a perfect woodworking tool for kids!
Woodstock W1100 Slickplane

Use the SlickPlane to round a 1/16

With the SlickPlane you can make a consistent, 1/16" radius on edges of your wood. This is much better than hand sanding the edges, and much simpler than using a router.

The SlickPlane comes with complete instructions to set-up, adjust and use.

Your free diy woodworking plans can look better with rounded edges.

As with any new tool, we recommend that you practice using this new tool on scrap wood until you are comfortable using it on one of your free diy woodworking plans projects.

An angled brass sole on the downside of the edge planer helps you to hold the plane on a 45 degree angle. You want the planer to be supported by the two faces of your board.

The front cutter makes a rough cut of the 1/6" radius. The back cutter produces the final smooth finish.

The edge planer is easier to use going with the grain, rather than on board ends going across the grain.

The Kreg Tools toybox was a great project for this edge planer.

Ben used this edge plane on the Kreg Tools toybox. He rounded the edges all around the inside and outside of the top, as well as on all 4 vertical edges. The softer look was definitely more pleasing.

For about $20 you can add the SlickPlane to your woodworking tools set.

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