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Simple Woodworking Shop Jigs Give You Accurate Results

This is one of the best woodworking shop jigs ever!

Spacing Jigs Are So Simple AND Make So Much Sense!
We only used this 5" woodworking shop jig one time, but it still made sense to make it. By using the jig we knew that the shelf in this cabinet would be at exactly the same height on both sides.

To make the Kreg wall cabinet project, we made and used a 5 inch spacing jig to get the shelf in the right location.

This wood working project stayed square.

The shelf was installed square with the pocket jig.

The result is a completely square wood working project.

We used another spacing jig when we assembled the shelves for the small footprint bookcase. These woodworking jigs for spacing and measuring are so simple, but can make such a huge difference in the quality of your wood working project!

The pocket jig drilled the holes in the shelves, and the spacing jig got them in the right places.

Guess What? We used another spacing jig to make the next bookshelf. And the next. And the next.

Woodworking shop jigs, including the pocket jig, helps keep your project square

Use a Spacing Jig Everytime You Add a Shelf
With the use of the spacing jig between each of the shelfs, we knew that both sides of each shelf would be added at same height, keeping them level and square. AND we saved a bunch of time by not needing to measure again and again to get the 12 1/16" space.

After using the spacing jig just once, we decided that the time and effort to make these woodworking jigs was more than worth it! We also decided that we were going to include the spacing jigs as part of all the plans we create.

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Make one of the free pocket hole plan bookcases, using the spacing jigs.

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