Free Woodworking Plans 
Shaker Furniture 
for Woodworking Beginner.

Our woodworking plans for Shaker furniture can be made by woodworking beginners!

Shown below are photos of six of our woodworking plans Shaker furniture. Each of these Kreg plans have been built and tested, so that you can be confident that a woodworking beginner could build them! 

When you click on the photo it will take you to the page with the photos and description for those free wood project plans. At the bottom of most of these pages is a link to the woodworking plan PDF that you can print and take into the shop or garage with you.  This is a free download.

We hope you have as much fun building as we had putting these Shaker furniture plans together! 

You Can Build These Free Shaker Plans for End Tables!

These Shaker furniture plans are so practical, as every home needs at least one end table.  And a matching pair of wooden end tables would be nice!

These Kreg plans also work well for wooden bedside tables.

Because these plans include a drawer, they are a bit more difficult than our other woodworking beginner plans.  BUT, the woodworking plan PDF, which is 9 pages long, shows you how to build a wood end table.  You will find the link for the free download of the woodworking PDF at the bottom of each page of the plan.

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Shaker woodworking plans.

You Can Build These Shaker Furniture Plans for Blanket Chest!

One of the wonderful aspects of woodworking plans Shaker furniture is creating storage space. The practicality of that storage is appreciated, but so are the beautifully, simple lines of Shaker style furniture. 

The blanket chest plans call for solid wood construction simplified by the use of the Kreg jig and pocket hole screws. The woodworking plan PDF, as well as the step-by-step instructions, guide the woodworking beginner through each stage of building. 

Soon you will have made a beautiful, Shaker style blanket chest that will be both used and enjoyed for many years! 

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free blanket chest plans,
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Check out the Shaker Furniture Books available from Amazon.

You Can Build These Shaker Furniture Plans for 1-Step, Wooden Step Stool!

For only $10 - mas o menos - and about 1 hour you can make these free woodworking plans. Shaker furniture is noted for its simple lines and lack of adornment, and so works wonderfully for the woodworking beginner. 

The angled sides add visual interest to this free woodworking plans Shaker furniture. With the use of the Kreg jig, this step stool plan is made even easier. 

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Not only will you find step-by-step instructions, but at the bottom of the page is a link to a printable pdf. Have fun building! 

You Can Build These Free Wood Project Plans for a Shaker Bench/Coffee Table!

Build this versatile bench with these free woodworking plans. Shaker furniture, such as this bench, add classic charm to your home. 

With our simplified, Kreg plans, you can build and finish this Shaker bench to fit your lifestyle. Because we have built and tested all of our plans, you can be sure that these simple bench plans will work for you!

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Shaker furniture! 

You Can Build These Kreg Plans for Onion/Potato Cupboard!

These free wood project plans are classic Shaker, EXCEPT, rather than doing the hand joinery used in traditional Shaker furniture, we modified the plans to use pocket hole joinery. 

But all of the Shaker simplicity and practicality are there for you and your family to appreciate and enjoy. 

These free wood project plans create an easily accessable space for dry storage of potatoes and onions. This is a great week-end project. With only 7 pieces, and your Kreg jig, a woodworking beginner can build it quite quickly, and inexpensively. 

The pdf is 3 pages of SketchUp diagrams that take you from cutting and drilling, all the way through final assembly. Print the pdf and take it to the shop with you, so that you can see each step as you are enjoying building from these Kreg jig plans. 

The first onion cupboard Ben built was put to use even before the finish was applied! No more looking under the kitchen sink only to find potatoes and onions sprouting in every which direction. 

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woodworking plans Shaker furniture
for onion/potato cupboard! 

You Can Build These Woodworking Plans Shaker Furniture Step Stool!

The Shakers built tall chests of drawers and tall cupboards, so to reach the top they needed step stools. 

The Shaker style is simple and pleasing, AND perfectly suited for simplifying the construction details by using the Kreg jig and pocket hole screws. 

These woodworking plans Shaker furniture make a wonderful step stool for kids, for those of us who are height challenged, and as a display piece for the country decorator. 

Our free wood project plans are comprehensive and include a woodworking plan PDF to print and take into the garage or shop.

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to see the step stool plan details.

And enjoy each of our woodworking plans Shaker furniture! 

We Have More Woodworking Plans Shaker Furniture!

There are five more Shaker furniture plans on the next page!

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The Shaker wall shelf shown in the photo has been pinned on Pinterest thousands of times!  It is a great plan for the beginner woodworker.

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This rolling kitchen cabinet is very handy!  Click here or on the photo to see the free cabinet plans.

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