Woodworking Books for Beginners Make Great Gifts!

A Book May Be the Right Gift for Your Favorite Woodworker!

Books make great gifts!  Especially these woodworking books for beginners.

Books inspire confidence!  Learning a new skill or technique that makes a project easier emboldens the new woodworker to give it a try.

Books spark creativity!  Even if the projects presented in the book are not exactly right, they encourage the reader to make changes, and explore possibilities to create their own unique project.

All of these books are in the $25 or less price range.


These first three books are primarily pocket hole plans.  Any one of them would be a great gift for the owner of a Kreg Jig.

Danny Proulx's
Pocket Hole Project Book
Makes a Great Gift!

This was the first book we bought after buying our first Kreg Jig!

The Pocket Hole Drilling Jig Project Book gives woodworkers step-by-step instructions for using a pocket hole jig.

It also gives you a wide range of furniture building projects.  Some of them are suitable for the beginner woodworker to build, but all of them are beneficial in thinking about what your next project could be!

As the projects get more complicated, this book demonstrates additional techniques for using your Kreg Jig.

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Another Pocket Hole Joinery Book.

Pocket hole joinery is now one of the most popular way to join two pieces together!  It is simple and strong!

This book is a complete course in using your Kreg Jig, and contains 8 pocket hole plans.

Some are very simple, like a picture frame, and some more complex, like a dresser.

Written by furniture maker, Mark Edmondson, this book would be an excellent resource for a beginner woodworker!

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The Handbuilt Home
by Ana White

A DIY classic!  Ana White's book includes 34 plans for projects such as a play table, Adirondack chairs, storage solutions, and much more!  There are plans for every room in your house.

Almost every plan can be made with the most basic of tools:  a drill, a saw, and a few hand tools, including the Kreg Jig.

Comprehensive instructions guide the beginner woodworker at each step of planning and building.

This book definitely fosters an "I can build that!" attitude!  We recommend this as one of best woodworking books for beginners.

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The following are also great woodworking books for beginners, but may use other types of wood joinery.  Very often, however, it is easy to simplify a woodworking plan for building with the Kreg jig.

I Can Do That! Woodworking Book

This is a great book for a woodworking beginner!

It starts with introducing you to the basic woodworking tools, which is very helpful when deciding what to buy next.  The book then explains how to use each tool.

"I Can Do That!" also gives you 38 furniture plans that can be built with minimal tools and experience.  The plans include tables, shelving, storage, seating, and more.  All of the materials needed are available at any home center.

This book is published by Popular Woodworking!

Click on the photo above to learn more about this recommendation at Amazon.

Woodworking 101 - Written to Build Confidence!

This books "starts at the very beginning" with an introduction to the basic tools, and how to use them.

It then covers the basics of a workbench.

Finally, it gives you seven plans for the beginner woodworker, including: a coffee table, storage bench, simple bed, bookcase, easy chair and more.  These plans include step-by-step photos, illustrations, shop schematics, and exploded drawings.

This is a very helpful guide, and resource book.  It is published by Taunton Press, a leader in woodworking books.

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Great Book of Woodworking Projects!

This book has 50 different woodworking projects, including:

  • handy kitchen upgrade for drawers, shelves, rack and trays;
  • convenient storage solutions;
  • Adirondack chair and loveseat;
  • furniture in Shaker, Stickley and Craftsman styles;
  • frames, puzzles, jewelry boxes; and
  • much more.

Some of these projects are suitable for the beginner woodworker, and some are more challenging.

All of the plans have step-by-step, illustrated instructions, and the book contains a wealth of workshop tips.

Published by American Woodworker.

Click on the photo above to learn more about this recommendation at Amazon.

Didn't Find the Right Gift For Your Woodworker Here?

In addition to our recommendations for woodworking books for beginners, we have also put together some other woodworking gift ideas.

These pages are organized by price:

Woodworking Gifts under $25

Woodworking Gifts between $25 -$50

Woodworking Gifts between $50 - $100

Woodworking Gifts over $100

Does Your Woodworker
Need Kreg Jig Plans?
Tell Him or Her That
We Have Them Here!

Kreg Tool Company Has Developed Some Free Kreg Jig Plans.

We have built most of the free plans from Kreg Tool.  These include a workbench (shown here), a toy box, bookcase, bird feeder, and more.  To see those, click here or on the photo.

We Have Created a Bunch of Free Pocket Hole Plans, too!

Our pocket hole plans include tables, benches, step stools, blanket chest, the clothes hamper pictured here, and much more!

Click on this link to go to Page 1 of these FREE Kreg jig plans.  You may also click on the photo.

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