Our Wooden Table Plans
are Designed for the
Woodworking Beginner

Learn how to build a table with our wooden table plans. We have free sofa table plans, free end table plans, free mission furniture plans, and free Shaker coffee table plans.  Most of these are designed for construction by a woodworking beginner!  And all are rated to help you determine if this is the right woodworking plan for you.

We have also added the coffee table plan and the console table plan that come FREE with the Kreg DIY Project Kit, OR that you can buy directly from the Kreg Tool Company.

Free end table plans for a practical, Shaker-style solid wood table.

You Can Build These Free End Table Plans!

These plans, even though they include a drawer, are simple enough for the woodworking beginner. We use 3 pages of instructions and photos so you can learn how to cut and drill all the pieces; learn how to assemble the table; and learn how to build a drawer.

To get started on building these very practical,
 Shaker style end tables, click here.

You may also click on the photo of the tables to go to page 1. of these wooden table plans.

The woodworking PDF for these end table plans is a free download of 9 pages of instructions and SketchUp diagrams.  The link to the PDF is at the bottom of each of the 3 plan pages.

Free sofa table plans made from

You Can Build These Simple Sofa Table Plans!

These free sofa table plans started with these legs found in Grandpa's wood shop. They have such beautiful lines and such character, that we designed a table to fit them. These Kreg plans will show you how simple it is for a woodworking beginner to take any four legs, and build a table to fit the needs of your family.

To go to these Kreg table plans
- complete with a free download
of the woodworking PDF -,

click here.

You can also click on the photo to go to these sofa table plans.

This Kreg DVD Shows You How to Build Tables With Your Kreg Jig.

If you want to design and build your own table, this DVD would be an excellent resource!

Free mission furniture plans for a small bedside table.

You Can Learn How to Build These Free Mission Furniture Plans!

This little table is a great project for a woodworking beginner! It is simple to build with our free wooden table plans, and because it is small it is quite inexpensive. After the construction of our first mission table from this plan, we revised it to hide all the pocket holes for the bottom shelf. Those changes are reflected in the woodworking PDF at the bottom of the plan page.

To go to that woodworking plan page,
which includes a free download of a woodworking PDF,

click here or on the photo.

This mission table would work well as a bedside table, an end table or a plant stand.

P.S. The knob on the front was added to create visual interest! This plan does not include a drawer.

Free Kreg plans for a Shaker coffee table or bench.

You Can Build These Shaker Coffee Table Plans!

These free table plans started out as Shaker bench plans with the intention of using the bench as an entertainment center for a flat panel TV. However, that bench was quickly converted to a coffee table. We know the Shakers didn't have entertainment centers, but did they have coffee tables?

Anyway, learn how to build a Shaker coffee table
with our woodworking beginner plans!

The first photo on the plan page shows this same table on the other side of the sofa.

Free Sofa Table Plans With Shelf for "Advanced Beginner".

This set of sofa table plans shows you how to build a table with a shelf at the bottom.  With that one "simple" change, the number of pieces of wood for the table base doubled, and the assembly became more difficult.  And with that change we rated these free Kreg plans for the "Advanced Beginner."

Check out the webpage, though, and the free download of the woodworking PDF.  It is still a doable project for most woodworking beginners.

Click here or on the diagram
to go to Page 1 of these sofa table plans.

You Can Build This Kreg Coffee Table!

Click on this link, or on the photo, to see our review of this coffee table plan from Kreg Tool Company.

You Can Also Build This Console Table!

This console table plan is from the Kreg Tool Company.  It is a part of the set of plans you receive when you purchase the Kreg DIY Project Kit.  Or you can buy it at the Kreg website for $7.

Click on this link, or on the photo, to see a review of this plan.  It is a good one for the beginner woodworker!

Leave Wooden Table Plans to learn how to build a
woodworking beginner bookcase plan.

Even beginner woodworkers can do construction
of these kreg jig cabinet plans.

Go from Wooden Table Plans to see how to build a
step stool or one of our other Shaker Furniture Plans.

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