Wooden Clock Plans
Plans from The
Kreg Tool Company.

This Wood Clock is Made From Solid Wood!

These wooden clock plans are in the classic, octagonal, schoolhouse style.  They are beautiful!  The one in the photo was made from quarter-sawn red oak, and red oak plywood.

However, they are not easy - definitely not for a beginner woodworker!  They require a wide variety of both hand and power woodworking tools.

They also require a significant level of routing skill. And mitering skill!  And beveling skill!  And rabbeting skill!  ETC!!

If you have a well-equipped woodworking shop, and several years of fine woodworking experience, this plan may be perfect for you!

These clock plans are one of the 15 plans included on the "Pocket Hole Project Plans CD."  The PDF for this plan is 21 pages long.  It includes comprehensive diagrams and several "how-to" photos.

The CD With These Wooden Clock Plans is Available from Amazon.

This CD has 15 pocket hole woodworking plans, one of which is these wooden clock plans.  The others include a chair, a simple wall shelf, a desk, a workbench, several tables, and much more.  Some of these plans would be suitable for the beginner woodworker, and some are interesting for their complexity!

Woodworking HAND Tools Needed to Build These Wooden Clock Plans.

This Kreg plan requires the following woodworking HAND tools:

  • Kreg jig;
  • woodworking clamps;
  • compass or trammel points*;
  • awl;
  • tape measure; and
  • pencil.

*You will need to mark, cut, and rout several VERY accurate circles when building these wooden clock plans.

These plans also use a bench vise during the assembly process.  That is not really a hand tool or a power tool.

The Woodworking Power Tools Needed.

Always make sure you
wear your safety glasses
when using your power tools.

You will need quite a few woodworking POWER tools:

  • table saw;*
  • jig saw or band saw;**
  • drill;
  • drill press;***
  • electric sander; and
  • router.

*You will need to be able to bevel cut.  You will also need to miter cut pieces at 22.5 degrees, 30 degrees, and 45 degrees.  You will need a dado blade to cut both a 1" rabbet and a 3" dado cut.

** A jig saw or band saw is needed to cut the round sections, and the waist molding.

***The drill press using small drum sanders is needed to sand the inside of the holes, and the inside of the circles.

There is a lot of routing detail!!  On the clock face you will be routing on the front side and then on the back side - on a circle, no less!

 List of the Materials for This Kreg Jig Plan?

The PDF has a page entitled a" Bill of Materials", but it should be entitled a "Cut List." It may take you awhile to compute how much wood is required, because there are 17 different types of pieces, and a total of 31 pieces.

The plan calls for both 1 1/4" and 1 1/2" fine Kreg pocket hole screws, as well as oak pocket hole plugs.  These may not be available from your local hardware or big box store.

By clicking on the photo of the screws, you can buy them directly from the Kreg Tool Company.

 Approximate Costs
to Build This Wood Clock?


Without a list of materials, I also can't give you an idea of the costs.  The costs would also depend on the type of wood you use.  The plan as shown was built with red oak, but it could be built from other hardwoods, as well.

Check Out
our Hints, Tips and Recommendations!

These wooden clock plans are definitely not for the beginner woodworker!  For beginners we want straight cuts, and no miters or beveling.

If you have more woodworking experience, however, these plans could be fun challenge. They have you mitering, beveling, double routing an edge, dadoing, rabbeting, and a bunch more!  The final project would be an awesome work of art!

For making the clock face and front door, you will be doing some edge joining.  A Kreg Face Clamp would be essential!

The Kreg Right Angle Clamp would be helpful in assembling the clock box.

For easier Kreg plans, see below.

Check Out Some of the
for the Kreg Jig!

For Beginner Woodworker Plans, Check Out the Kreg Jig Plans We Have Created!

Click on this link, or on the photo, to review some beginner woodworking plans for the Kreg Jig.  We have built all of these plans, so you know they will work for YOU!

Check out the 10 Plans Included in the Kreg DIY Project Kit.

I continue to be very impressed with the 10 plans Kreg Tool Company put together for the Kreg DIY Project Kit!  They are great plans for the beginner woodworker!

If you don't want to buy the Kreg Kit, you can visit our review of each of these plans, and buy each plan individually.

Click here, or on the photo,
to go to our summary page for these plans.

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