Wooden Chair Repair is Complete!
Now to Get it Ready to Paint!

The wooden chair repair is done, and now it is time to make the chair presentable.

There were a couple of problems to solve before it was ready to paint.

Number 1.   As you can see the front edge is not even.  And that means the back side of the seat wasn't even either.

Number 2.  There were a couple of pocket holes you could feel under the front corner of of the chair.

See How this Cracked and Split Wooden Chair Repair Was Done!

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Uneven Front and Back
Solved With Some Sanding!

I sanded both the front and back edges even.  ONLY YOU and I will know it was once a little bit off. . . .

Sanded the Seat to Get Ready to Paint.

The finish on the seat was quite worn, so I decided to paint the seat and leave the rest with the oak finish.

Covered Up "Mistake" With Pocket Hole Plug.

Remember that first pocket hole I drilled that was a mistake.  I decided to fill it and the one opposite it with a pocket hole plug.

When you pull the chair forward you are likely to grab it right where those holes were.

The Plugs Need to Be Sanded Level.

Once the wood glue was dry I sanded the plugs level to the bottom of the chair.

Wood Filler Added to Gaps.

There were some gaps around the plugs, so I filled them with wood filler.

Sand Off the Excess Wood Filler.

Once you sand off the excess wood filler, you are ready to paint.

Pocket Holes Are Filled!

After sanding and painting you could neither see nor feel where the two pocket holes on that corner were!

Used Primer on Raw Wood.

Because I had sanded the seat down to raw wood, I painted the seat first with primer.

First Coat of Green Paint.

The first coat of green paint is on, but it will definitely need another coat!

Painted a 2nd Coat of the Green Paint.

With the second coat of green paint, this wooden chair repair was complete, and the chair is ready to use!

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