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Check Out the Free Wood Working Projects From Kreg Tool Company for Your Kreg Pocket Jig

Pocket hole screws make this an easy desk to build.

Kreg Tool Company has developed a collection of free wood project plans to help the owner of a Kreg Pocket Jig get off to a fast start.

Check out our summaries of each of these Kreg wood working projects. With our difficulty ratings, lists of woodworking tools and materials, as well as our hints and tips, it will be easy for you to decide which of these free Kreg Tools plans is right for you.

The Kreg pocket jig makes assembly of this wood working project a snap.

The “Kreg Bird Feeder Project Plan” is an inexpensive way to see fast and pleasing results with your Kreg pocket jig. This wood working project is also a great gift idea, and can be made from cedar or pine. Make it with a child to create both the bird feeder and a lasting memory. This pocket hole plan can be made with just a few woodworking tools.

Be prepared to make more than one, though. Ben has made several for customers and friends.

Check out Ana White's book The Handbuilt Home: 34 Simple Stylish and Budget-Friendly Woodworking Projects for Every Room published in the fall of 2012. Ana White is well known for her Kreg plans for the woodworking beginner. Even if you only use one plan out of the 34 included in the book, the purchase price will be well worth it!

Completed free bookshelf plans were made with Kreg pocket jig.

The “Kreg Bookshelf Project Plan” is made from furniture grade plywood, and matching hardwood for trim. With its small footprint, there will be many places in your home where this bookshelf would fit perfectly.

You will need only a few woodworking tools to build these free wood project plans.

Each of these Kreg plans are built using the Kreg jig. When we started, we purchased the Kreg K4MS Jig Master System which costs about $140.

Since then Kreg has put together the Kreg Tool Company KTC5750 Toolboxx Master Collection. This is more expensive to start, at about $300, but within a year we had purchased everything that is in the Toolboxx Collection. So we have all the tools, but not the fancy toolbox. AND we wish we had that!

This workbench is a great beginner wood working project.

If you have space for a workbench, the “Kreg Workbench Project Plan” is a great beginner wood working project.

This pocket hole workbench plan includes a shelf to store your woodworking tools.

This toybox is one of the free Kreg Tool plans.

The “Kreg Toy Box Project Plan” would be a very practical option for getting started with your Kreg pocket jig.

Our summary will show you just how few woodworking tools you will need to build this toybox from the free wood project plans created by Kreg Tool Company.

20 pocket hole screws were used on this wall cabinet.

Once you make the “Kreg Wall Cabinet Project Plan”, you and everybody in your family will have ideas for cabinets you could make for them.

Building cabinets is a very, practical solution when updating a kitchen, bathroom, and shop. These plans from Kreg Tools require only a few woodworking tools.

These are free wood working plans for a 3 stage project.

The “Kreg Student Desk Project Plan” is constructed in 3 separate components, making it a very easy, free, Kreg jig plan to build and to move.

The top of this pocket hole wood project could easily be resized if you don't have enough room for the size given in the free wood project plans.

Check out the list of woodworking tools in our summary.

Use your Kreg pocket jig to make a pair of these outdoor chairs.

The “Kreg Outdoor Chair Project Plan” requires only basic tools, and can be made with pine if you want a painted chair, or cedar for a stained chair.

Because this wood working project is intended for outdoor use you will need to use the "Blue-Kote® weather resistant pocket hole screws" with these free wood project plans.
(Photo courtesy of Kreg Tool Company, and is subject to copyright protection.)

Wood working projects are made simple by the Kreg pocket jig.

The “Kreg Potting Bench Project Plan” provides a great work surface for many outdoor projects. As with all of the outdoor projects, you will need to use the Blue-Kote® pocket hole screws.

As with the other projects from Kreg Tools, you only need a few woodworking tools.

Photo courtesy of Kreg Tool Company, and is subject to copyright protection.)

May you have as much fun and satisfaction as we have had with these free Kreg plans!

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If you have suggestions or photos about any of these Kreg jig plans, we would love to hear from you.

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