Wood Working Jigs will Help You at Every Step of Your Wood Working Project.

Spacing jigs are very helpful.

Wood working jigs are basically tools or mechanisms that make a woodworking task easier, faster, repeatable, or more accurate. Through the use of jigs you will start achieving the professional results you envisioned at the beginning of your wood working project.

By consistently using the jigs, you will have fewer mistakes, and your confidence in your ability to produce quality projects will grow.

The Kreg pocket jig is a great wood working jig.

Complex Wood Working Jigs.

Some wood working jigs are complex like the Kreg pocket jig, but many are very simple.

Though simple, these wood working jigs will help you be more accurate.

Simple, Homemade Jigs.

This rectangular piece of scrap has been converted into a very useful woodworking shop jig.

There are jigs that are commercially manufactured, especially for complex operations like mortise and tenon joints, but most jigs are made by the woodworker.

If you read woodworker and handyman magazines, you will see advertisements for expensive jigs. We are going to focus on jigs you can make for little or no cost.

You can make this jig using your Kreg pocket jig.

Woodworking Jigs To Support Your Work.

Supporting your work pieces as you work on them is important to keep you safe. With the right support you will reduce and prevent binding and kickback when sawing. With the right support both your cuts and assembly will be more accurate.

This support rack was made to support pieces that were longer than our workbench.

Learn more about wood working jigs to support your wood.

Wood Working Jigs for Cutting.

Just like you would use a ruler to draw a straight line, you need a wood working jig to cut a straight line. The more accurate your cuts, the more pleasing the result, and the easier it is to assemble your wood working project.

The jigs we show you how to make will help you how to cut lines stright every time! There are jigs for cross cutting boards and jigs for cutting plywood.

We show them as circular saw jigs, but once you understand the concept, you can make them for your jig saw or your router.

To make a jig that is both for measuring and cutting, click here.

To make the jig for cross cutting boards, click here.

To make the jig for cutting plywood, click here.

Make all of your shelves evenly spaced with these wood working jigs.

Spacing and Measuring Woodworking Jigs.

If you have been around carpenters at all, you have heard the adage, "Measure twice. Cut once."

We want to change that adage. "Make the spacing jig once. Get every space right using the jig."

You need to know how to use a tape measure to make these wood working jigs, but then you will set the tape measure aside, while you use the jig to get the right spacing and alignments on your wood working project.

Woodworking Jigs for Drilling.

The Kreg pocket jig is a complex drilling jig, but the simple drilling jigs we show you how to make will help prevent drilling too deep, drilling crooked - when it's supposed to be straight, or drilling in the wrong spot.

This wood working jig will help you assemble face frames.

Woodworking Jigs for Assembly.

Creating an assembly jig one time will help make the assembly of your wood working project "square". Combining that assembly jig with a few clamps will be like having a third hand. Combining that assembly jig with a few clamps will be like having a third hand.

Using your assembly jig with all the pieces you have prepared with your Kreg project jig, will result in much faster completion of each of your wood working projects.

The chapters in the WOODWORKING JIGS section include:

“Simplest to Make Cross Cutting Jig.”

“Woodworking Support Jigs”

“Plywood Cutting Jig”

“Circular Saw Spacing AND Cutting Jig”

“Assembly Jigs”

“Spacing Jigs”

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