Wood Workbench Plans
from the
Kreg Tool Company.

You Can Build This Wood Workbench!

These wood workbench plans are one of the 15 plans included on the "Pocket Hole Project Plans CD."  We purchased this CD at the same time as we bought our first Kreg Jig, but decided to build our first workbench using the FREE Plan from the Kreg Tool Company.

The workbench plans on the CD are much more complex.  They are definitely not for the woodworking beginner!  They are probably not for the advanced beginner either.  But, if you like a challenge, this may be the right wood workbench plans for you.

This is the type of workbench you could use for a lifetime, and then pass to the next generation (or two!).

The CD With These Wood Workbench Plans is Available from Amazon.

This CD has 15 pocket hole woodworking plans, one of which is these wood workbench plans.  The others include a chair, a simple wall shelf, a desk, and much more.  Many of the other plans would be suitable for the beginner woodworker!

Woodworking HAND Tools Needed to Build These Wood Workbench Plans.

This pocket hole workbench plan requires a more extensive tool collection than all of the other plans on this site!

The woodworking HAND tools are:

  • Kreg jig;
  • woodworking clamps;
  • hammer;
  • tape measure; and
  • pencil.

And, I may not have caught everything!

The Woodworking Power Tools Needed.

You will need this long list of woodworking POWER tools:

  • circular saw:
  • table saw (there are many pieces to cut, so a table saw would be much easier);
  • a dado blade for the circular saw;
  • drill;
  • 9/16" spade bit for the drill;
  • 3/4" spade bit for the drill;
  • 1 1/2" spade bit for the drill;
  • router;
  • 1/8" roundover bit for the router;
  • 3/4" straight bit for the router;
  • bandsaw; and
  • (I might have missed something).

AND, if you have all of the power tools in your wood shop to build these wood workbench plans, you don't need our standard safety reminder below!

Always make sure you wear your safety glasses when using your saws or drills.

We do Not Have a List of the Materials for This Kreg Jig Plan.

Materials Needed To Build Kreg Wood Workbench:

The plan itself referred several times to a "Bill of Materials", but I could not find one.

The plan does gives a list of supplies.  That list is 16 items long!  Of course, included on that list are several types of Kreg screws.  But nowhere could I find a list of the wood required.

The Approximate Costs to Build This Kreg Workbench are Unknown.


Without a "Bill of Materials", it would be very difficult to give an estimate of the costs.  For some super wood craftsman, the costs may not be a problem.  For beginner woodworkers, it could be a real stumbling block.

Check Out
our Hints, Tips and Recommendations!

As always, we recommend you read the plan through before starting.  I read it through several times, and would not recommend it for 95% of the woodworkers I know.

BUT, if you are in the elite top 5% of wood craftsmen, or you just like a challenge, this plan may be right for you.

When you build these wood workbench plans, the result will a "Heritage Workbench"!  Your children and grandchildren will proudly say,  "This was built by my _______________, and has survived ____ years of use."

P.S.  This is the hardest plan I have ever reviewed, and the most difficult review I have every written!

P.P.S. Below is the link to the FREE workbench plans we used. . . .

Check Out Some of the
FREE Plans
for the Kreg Jig!

Check Out Some of the FREE Plans from the Kreg Tool Company Including This Workbench Plan!

Click on this link, or on the photo, to review some of the FREE plans you can get from the Kreg Tool Company.  The photo is of the first workbench we built using the simpler plan.

We Have Created Table Plans to Build With Your Kreg Jig.

To see some of the table plans that you can build with your Kreg Jig, click on this link, or on the photo above.

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