Wood Plant Stand
Plans from The
Kreg Tool Company.

You Can Build This Occasional Table!

Not enough room to display all your flowers and plants?  These wood plant stand plans can help!  This design has 4 shelves, and is 50" high.  The bottom shelf is 25"W and 25" deep.  This model was built with red cedar and Kreg Blue Kote screws, so that it could be used both indoors or outdoors.  The plan incorporates swivel casters so that it could easily be moved.

These plant stand plans are one of the 15 plans included on the "Pocket Hole Project Plans CD."  The PDF for this plan is 14 pages long.

The CD With These Wood Plant Stand Plans is Available from Amazon.

This CD has 15 pocket hole woodworking plans, one of which is these plant stand or occasional table plans.  The others include a chair, a simple wall shelf, a desk, a workbench and much more.  Many of these plans would be suitable for the beginner woodworker!

Woodworking HAND Tools Needed to Build These Wood Plant Stand Plans.

This Kreg plan requires more tools that most of the plans we have on this site.

The woodworking HAND tools are:

  • Kreg jig;
  • woodworking clamps;
  • hammer;
  • trammel points or other tools able to draw circles;*
  • tape measure; and
  • pencil.

*Because of the rounded fronts of the shelves, there are many pieces that need to cut with other than straight lines!  You need to be able to accurately draw these lines, AND THEN, accurately cut on those curves!

The Woodworking Power Tools Needed.

Always make sure you
wear your safety glasses
when using your power tools.

You will need the following woodworking POWER tools:

  • table saw or circular saw;*
  • jig saw;**
  • drill;
  • electric sander; and
  • router.

*You will need to be able to miter a 45 degree angle on the two back pieces.  This would be easiest and safest on a table saw, but could be done with a circular saw.

** A jig saw is needed to cut the curved aprons at the front of each shelf and to cut the curved front edges of each shelf.

If you do want to router the edges, as shown in the plan, a router and a 1/16" round over bit will be needed.

With some plans, all you need is a hand sander. BUT I would recommend an electric sander, or even a planer, on this plan.  You need to get all of the shelf pieces to an even thickness, which would be difficult to do by hand sanding.

 List of the Materials for This Kreg Jig Plan?

The PDF has a page entitled a" Bill of Materials", but it should be entitled a "Cut List."  And part of that list sends you to many different diagrams to find the length to cut.

All that to say, I can't give you a List of Materials. . . .

I do know you will need both 1 1/2" and 2 1/2" BlueKote pocket hole screws.  You may not be able to find the weather resistant, Kreg BlueKote screws at your local hardware or big box store.  By clicking on the photo of the screws, you can buy them directly from the Kreg Tool Company.

 Approximate Costs
to Build This Plant Stand?


Without a list of materials, I also can't give you an idea of the costs.

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our Hints, Tips and Recommendations!

These wood plant stand plans are definitely not for the beginner woodworker!  For beginners we want straight cuts, and no miters or beveling.  This plan has great visual interest with the curved fronts, and that is what makes it more difficult to build.

If you have more woodworking experience, however, these wood plant stand plans could be fun challenge.  And, anyone who does woodworking would appreciate the skill level needed to complete this project!

For making the side frames, you will be doing some edge joining, so a Kreg Face Clamp would be very helpful.

The Kreg Right Angle Clamp would be helpful in attaching the side frames together, and connecting the curved front aprons.

Even though I don't intend to build these plans, it did give me some good ideas on how I could design a simpler plant stand that a beginner woodworker could build!

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