Wood Hamper Plan Easily Assembled with Kreg Jig!
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On Page 1 of of these wood hamper plans, we show you how to cut the pieces and drill the pocket holes in each piece.  This page is about assembling the 7 pieces and adding the hardware.

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In addition to the instructions and photos below,
we have created a pdf of these woodworking plans.
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How To Assemble Your Solid Wood Clothes Hamper.

Step One:  Attach the First Side to the Front.

To assemble your clothes hamper, clamp the front piece to a flat surface. Clamp one of your side pieces so that it is aligned on the top of the side edge of the front panel.

Add your next side piece, and then connect the back.

When all is aligned and square, drive your Kreg pocket screws.

Step Two: Connect the Bottom to the Front and Side.

Next align your bottom inside the front and side pieces so that it is flush with the 3" cutout at the bottom. The pocket holes will be on the downside of the bottom piece.

Step Three:  Add the Other Side To Those Three Pieces.

Add your next side piece.

Step Four:  Connect the Back Piece.

Then connect the back.

Step Five:  Add The Back of the Top.

Connect the 2" wide top piece to the sides and back with 1 1/4" wood screws. The holes for these screws will need to be placed symmetrically, and the center of each hole needs to be 3/8" from the outside edge.

You want to hide the screws that go into these holes, so you need to drill the holes with a countersink bit. The shiny part of the bit drills the hole for the shank of the screws. The darker part of the bit drills a larger hole for the head of the screw to fit into.

The size of the countersink bit needs to match the size of the wood screws.

The wood plugs will also fit into the larger section of the holes you just drilled.  These are glued into place.  Once the glue is dry you can sand then even with the surface of the top.

Step Six:  Add the Hinged Top.

Once your 2" top piece is securely in place, you can attach the 3" hinges. These are put 2 1/2" from the side edge. Align the hinges with the top and screw then in. 

The top opening of these free DIY woodworking plans was designed so that when the top was opened it would lean back, and not close on the user's head.

Step Seven:  Optional - Add a Knob to the Top and Drill Holes for Ventilation.

Your last step is to attach the wooden knob to the front of the top. This knob is optional as the front of the top has a 1 1/2" overhang that would make it easy to lift the top.

At the request of his customer, Ben drilled holes in the back and bottom of this clothes hamper to allow for ventilation.

Congratulations!  You Have Built Your First Clothes Hamper!

Now you can make one for each bedroom in the house.

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