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Free TV Stand Plan From Kreg Tool Company.

These TV stand woodworking plans are a simple design.  They will help you create a good looking piece of furniture that will hold a large, flat-screen TV (the top is 58" wide), as well as multiple components, such as a cable box, a gaming station, and a Blu-Ray player.  On each end are open shelves that could be used to house speakers, or for decorative display.  The top, the base shelf and the two interior shelves are made from solid boards, which gives this TV console interesting character.

This plan was added to the Kreg Tool Company collection of FREE pocket hole plans in January, 2015.  It is a welcome addition!

(Photo courtesy of Kreg Tool Company, and is subject to copyright protection.)

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We Have Built Most of the Free Projects from the Kreg Tool Company.

Click on this link or the photo to visit the page that shows the projects we have already built.  Those projects include this Kreg jig workbench, a bird feeder, a student desk, wall cabinets, Kreg jig toy box, and an end table/bookshelf.

Woodworking Tools Needed to Build These TV Stand Woodworking Plans.

You will need the following woodworking hand tools for these free Kreg Tool Company plans:

To make the cuts as straight as possible, the plan also recommends that you use the Kreg Rip-Cut and the Kreg Square-Cut.

The woodworking power tools you need for this pocket hole TV stand are:

  • circular saw or miter saw;
  • jig saw or hole saw; and
  • drill.

As with every Kreg plan, we strongly encourage you to protect your eyes with safety glasses.

The Materials List for this Kreg Tool Company Plan.

Materials needed for these TV stand woodworking plans:

  • (2) 96" long 1x2 pine or poplar boards;
  • (2) 72" long 1x2 pine or poplar boards;
  • (1) 96" long 2x2 pine or poplar board;
  • (2) 96" long 1x6 pine or oak boards;
  • (1) 72" long 1x6 pine or oak board;
  • (2) 96" long 1x8 pine or oak boards;
  • (1) 24" by 48" sheet of 3/4" birch plywood;
  • (1) 24" by 48" sheet of 5mm Underlayment;
  • (100) 1 1/4 inch coarse Kreg screws;
  • (20) 1 1/4" 18 gauge Brad Nails; and
  • (8) 5mm shelf pins.

Project Costs to Build this TV Stand.

If you were to build this plan of pine except for the one piece of birch plywood, the cost of the wood and hardware is approximately $155.  If you were to use oak for portions of it, the cost would be higher.

This estimate is also assuming you will be able to buy a quarter sheet of the birch plywood.  If not, you will have 3/4 of a sheet left over for your next project, and you should add about $20 to the cost.

Our Hints, Tips and Recommendations.

This plan has a lot of pieces, but IT IS NOT DIFFICULT!  Each step, from purchasing the materials, to cutting the wood, to the right order of assembly is laid out very clearly.   You may want to build something smaller to start, but a careful beginner woodworker could build this TV stand woodworking plan!

So many beginner plans use primarily plywood - because it is usually easier to work with.  It is nice that these TV stand woodworking plans use solid boards for the top, the base shelf and the two smaller shelves.  It gives the project great character!

This plan uses edge joinery for the top and shelves.  A good face clamp is a must!  Check out the Kreg AutoMaxx to help  you get the shelf boards even.

The vertical pieces are connected to the horizontal pieces by  right angle joinery.  The right angle clamp would make this so much easier, especially if you are building this alone!

Have You Seen This Kreg DVD about Building Tables?

We have watched this DVD several times, and each time learn something new.  If you want to increase your table building confidence, this DVD would be a worthwhile investment!

Go to the Kreg Tool Company Website to Get a Copy of These Plans.

To go to the website for the plans for this TV stand, click here, on the Kreg Tools logo. Then click on the "Get Inspired" tab at the top of the page, and then go to "Plans."

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