Table Saw Workbench?
Easy Conversion!

 Utilize All the Space in Your Wood Shop!

Difficulty Level: Beginner

Create an extra work station with this table saw workbench.

Extra work surfaces are appreciated by most woodworkers!  In our case, we knew we were not likely to use the table saw for a few months, but wanted to have it available for use later.  Rather than tuck it away in the corner of a garage, we created a table saw workbench!

Now it is a handy surface for use of the miter saw, use of our Kreg Jig K5, and for assembly of all of our DIY woodworking projects.

This project was built by a teen-ager!  Very proud of him!

Measure the Top of Your Table Saw.

The first step is to measure the top of your table saw.  You are going to create a frame that sits around the complete top.

The Second Step is to Cut the Pieces for the Frame.

These were the first cuts on the new miter saw!

This table saw workbench was a good project to practice one, because it did not have to be as exact as a piece of furniture.

The Third Step Was to Drill Pocket Holes.

The Kreg Jig K5 needed to be set up for 1 1/2" wide wood.  That really is a simple process!

If you want to see
how easy it is to set up
the Kreg Jig K5, click here.

This table saw workbench was made with 2 x 4s, because that is what we had.  The frame could be made from thinner wood, and still be sturdy.

Assembling the Frame Using Kreg Right Angle Clamp.

Assembly was easy with the right angle clamp.

Drive the First Pocket Hole Screw With the Clamp On.

The builder did the first couple of screws with the pieces laying horizontal, but soon learned that it was easier if he was driving them downward.

The First Screw Holds the Pieces in Place for the Second Screw.

For the second screw, the builder removed the clamp.  The pieces stayed in alignment for driving the second screw.

Holding the Piece in Vertical Position.

The builder had enough power in one hand to drive the pocket hole screws downward.

Attaching the Back of the Frame.

The back of the frame was in two pieces to accommodate the screws that usually hold the table saw fence in place.  The frame is almost done.

OOPS! When we tried to fit it over the table saw, it was too small.


Problem Solved!

The builder took off the two back pieces that were made out of 2 by 4s, and replaced them with pieces made from 3/4" scrap wood.

Of course, he had to reset the Kreg Jig K5 to drill 3/4" pocket holes, and he had to change the size of the pocket hole screws.  Good practice for using the Kreg jig, and in problem solving!

Next Step Was to Position
Frame on Workbench Top.

We wanted as much overhang as possible on each side, so that it would be easy to clamp pieces to the table saw workbench.

Once the position of the frame was marked on the workbench top, it was ready to attach.  The 2 by 4 sides required one size pocket hole screw.

Attaching Smaller Size Back Pieces.

And the back pieces required a smaller pocket hole screw.

Flipped it Over And We Now Have a Table Saw Workbench!

Flipped it over, and slid it right down the sides of the table saw!

It is very secure, and very stable!

Excited to be able to use it for the next projects!


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