Step Stool Plans
for Beginners, for Grandma,
for Kids, and for Fun!

We have 5 Step Stool Woodworking Plans!

We have free step stool plans for you!  Choose a 1-step step stool, a 2-step step stool, or a 3-step step stool. Or choose a step stool plan with one handle or with two handles!

All but one of these Kreg plans are rated for beginner woodworkers, and are perfect for learning how easy it is to start AND complete projects using your pocket hole jig.

Click on any of the photos below to see which of these simple step stool Kreg plans are right for you.

The Two Handles Make This a Great Kids Step Stool Plan!

This delightful step stool plan is perfect for the family with small children.  The kids can easily carry it from kitchen to bathroom to bedroom, or wherever else is needed.  Mom will probably also find it handy to reach the top shelf of the cabinets!

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to go to this kids step stool plan page.

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this step stool with milk paint!

You Can Make This Shaker Step Stool!
Without a Doubt, our Visitors Favorite Plan!

With the Kreg pocket hole system, there are many free simple woodworking projects you can build. These step stool plans are a great place to start, whether for yourself, or for teaching kids the joy and satisfaction of woodworking.

Start With Free Woodworking Plans are designed for the beginner woodworker. Click on the photo to check out the step-by-step instructions, the numerous photos, and the diagrams created in Google SketchUp. You can download the pdf with those diagrams.

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You Can Build Our 1-Step, Shaker-Style Step Stool in 1 Hour!

Not enough time? You can make these step stool project plans in about an hour. Not enough money? These free simple woodworking projects cost about $10.

This is more than your ordinary square-cut step stool. This Shaker furniture plan has angled side pieces which adds visual interest.

Click on the photo to go these free wood plans. And check out the woodworking pdf, too. The link to the diy step stool pdf is at the bottom of the page.

These Step Stool Kreg Plans are a Classic Shaker Style!

The plans for this 3-step Shaker style step stool were modified so that you can make them very easily with the Kreg pocket hole system. Our first version did not work as well as we had hoped, so we modified the plans again. We want to be sure that you can have success with every one of our free simple woodworking projects.

This wood working project would be a great gift for a family with young children. You may need to make one for the bathroom and one for the kitchen.

Click on the photo to begin your next woodworking adventure!

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These Shaker Step Stool Plans Have a Handle!

We have built more of these Shaker step stools than any other, and continue to get requests for them. The handle serves two purposes: it allows you to easily move the step stool without bending down; and it helps to stabilize you as you are stepping up!

These free wood project plans are a little more difficult than our other step stool plans, but with our photos and diagrams, YOU can build them! Click here or on the photo to go straight to these Kreg plans.

NOTE: The Start With Free Woodworking Plans are comprehensive! You will find step-by-step instructions, illustrated by many photos, and a pdf of each free wood working plan done in Google SketchUp. Once you build one of the woodworking projects we have designed for the pocket screw jig, you will come back again and again.

Changing the Finish Changes the Look of each of Our Step Stool Plans!

Once you have made your Shaker step stool, you can add to the fun by changing the finish for each of these free simple woodworking projects.

For our 2-step, Shaker step stool, we stained and varnished one. The second one we used blue milk paint and brown wax. Click here or on the photo to learn more about how to do that.

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