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These Step Stool Plans are Rated for the Advanced Beginner.

These step stool plans are rated "Advanced Beginner" for several reasons:

  • Laying out and cutting out the back piece, which gives this step stool so much character, is more difficult than 99% of the cuts on our other Kreg plans.
  • All of the cuts must be exact. Because there is no setback, all the pieces meet at the corner points, and the corners are very noticeable.
  • The handle at the top of the back piece requires a tool not normally required in our "Beginner" plans.
  • Assembly of this step stool plan must be done in the right order to get all the pieces aligned.

Woodworking Tools Needed for This Shaker Step Stool.

The woodworking HAND tools needed for these free wood project plans include:

  • tape measure;
  • pencil;
  • speed square;
  • compass or 4" circle;
  • woodworking clamps;
  • Kreg jig; and
  • 2" hole saw.

The woodworking POWER tools needed are only a drill and a jig saw.

If you have a circular saw, a table saw, or a router, the building of these step stool plans would be easier. BUT, they are not essential.

The Materials Needed are Listed Below.

The only wood needed for these Shaker furniture plans is:

  • 1 - 7' long 1x10; and
  • 1 4' long 1x3.

The only other item needed are the 23 1 1/4" Kreg jig pocket hole screws. We built our Shaker step stool from pine so used the coarse thread screws.

Pocket Hole Joinery Used.

The only type of pocket hole joinery used is the right angle joinery.

Check out the Right Angle Clamp!

The right angle clamp from Kreg Tool Company is not expensive, and helps to make these joints easier and faster.

Estimated Project Costs.

Although these free wood project plans will take some time and attention to detail, the Shaker step stool is not expensive to build. If you use pine boards as we did, the cost is around $20.00.

If you have not purchased pine boards before, we recommend you read the tips on how to choose the best pine boards.

Cutting Out the Handle.

To get the hole for the handle, you need a circle cutter for your drill. This is the same bit used to cut holes for door knobs. In the pdf of these Kreg plans we show you where to position and mark to get that hole in the center.

When drilling that hole, it is important to have your back piece clamped securely to your work surface. Also, it is important to have a piece of scrap wood behind the back piece. You will have much less tear out on the back side if you drill all the way through the first piece into the scrap.

If you haven't used one of these door knob hole drill bits before, we recommend you practice on some scrap wood before drilling your back piece. It's a lot of work to create another back piece!

With the scrap piece of wood behind the Shaker step stool back, you can see there is no tear-out on the back itself.

Cutting the Shapes on Front and Sides.

If you have a compass, marking the 1/2 circle for the cutout at the bottom of the front piece is simple.

If you don't have a compass, simply find a round item in your home that is approximately the right size and use that. These free wood project plans do not require that it be exact!

Side Piece Measurements are on PDF. (below)

The pdf of these Kreg plans shows you the measurements for the side pieces.

Again, they do not have to be exact. The cutouts need to be centered, and both the left and right side need to be the same.

Assembling Your Shaker Step Stool.

The first step in the assembly to attach the side pieces. The back needs to be clamped securely in place, so that it does not move when you drive the Kreg screws.

The step, or top, piece is then added to the back piece. Again, keeping the back clamped down is crucial, in order to get the step on square.

The last piece to add is the front, which ties the side pieces and the step piece together.

The Links to the PDF Are Given Below.

Your step stool plans are now complete, and you can pick the finish. This drawing shows it done in a cherry. Ben has done some in oak stain, some natural, and, of course, we finished one with the blue and white milk paint.

There are 3 pdfs for these Shaker step stool plans.

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of these free wood project plans.

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Click here to get the last pdf
of these Shaker furniture plans.

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