Stackable Storage Plans Create Valuable Storage Space in Home & Garage!

These stackable storage bins are built with the Kreg screw pocket jig.

If you have to move often, stacking bookcases make great   sense.

Stacking Bookcases are A Wonderful Project for Anyone who is Likely to Move!


How do you get the maximum storage possible from limited floor space and very little money? You build stacking bookshelves using our free easy woodworking plans! We show these stacking bookshelves with 3 layers, but you can stack them 6 layers high.

Each layer is made from one 4' by 4' MDF sheet. You only need a few tools - including your Kreg pocket jig, a little bit of work space, and a few hours to make these shelves.

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The stackable bin page has been created, but not finished.

The stacking bookcase plan will probably be completed first. You can check how far along we are.

Leave "Stacking Storage Plans" to check out the free woodworking project plans for Shaker furniture.

Start With Free Woodworking Plans has many cabinet plans for the Kreg screw pocket jig.

Go from "Stacking Storage Plans" to see the bookcase plans that are not stackable.

We Have Many Plans
That Have Been Completed!

Check Out the Many Free Step Stool Plans!

Check out these step stool plans by clicking here or on the photo.  Step stools are a great first project for your Kreg Jig.

Build a Drawer With Your Kreg Jig!

This page will show you how easy it is to build a drawer with your Kreg jig.

When you are finished, you have to pull the drawer out to see the pocket holes.

Click here or on the photo to see how simple building drawers can be!

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