Simple Wood Projects Using Just a Few Tools.

Replacing this drawer box was one of our simple wood projects.

Check out these simple wood projects, including several repairs, for which we used our Kreg jig.

Not only will you come up with ideas on your own,  once people know you can fix things, they will have ideas of what you could make or fix for them.

Replacing this drawer box was one of our simple wood projects.

Replace Broken Drawer Box

Ben used his Kreg jig to build a new drawer box for a friend. The original was made made many years ago from mdf. The front of the drawer box would no longer hold the drawer front.

The pocket hole joint made drawer box construction very easy.

Ben had some short 3/4 inch pine boards left over from other projects, so he used them to build the new, and much sturdier, drawer box.

To learn how to build your own drawer boxes, click on either photo.

Baby Doll Cradle

Pocket hole joints are used to assemble this cradle.

Mom needed a special place for a very significant doll. Together we took some of the scrap wood from the shop, and put together a simple wood cradle. We learned alot in the process - enough so that there will be some major design changes before we publish a cradle plan!

This cradle started is just one of many simple wood projects.

This doll was specially hand-made to honor the life of Mom's Grandmother. Her name is Elva. Even though many of the details are sketchy, her infancy was very turbulent and uncertain. Before she was a toddler she was orphaned, and adopted twice. This doll is a symbol of God's provision of a loving family, and the value of each little life, no matter the origin.

We encourage you to take an idea, and make something special for someone you care about!

Can you see the pocket hole joint?
You will find your own simple wood projects to make.

A pocket hole joint was perfect for this simple wood project.

Hole in the Wall

This project wasn't nearly as much fun as the baby doll cradle, but I was very grateful for our Kreg Jig to solve the problem. Some very rambunctious boys, after knocking a significant hole in the sheetrock, are no longer doing any horseplay in the house.

Normally, such a hole could be fixed using a simple wooden frame inserted between the studs to support the sheetrock patch. But this hole was next to the light switch with wiring attached to that stud, and extra studs at the left side where the wall ended.

It took several tries to find a frame that would work. The resulting frame had to be assembled in the wall, which would have been very difficult without the Kreg Jig.

The Kreg Jig helps make simple wood projects.

"Make a Mess, You Clean It Up!

The rule in the house is "If you make a mess, you clean it up." So the resident rambunctious boy has had to help with fixing the hole at every stage including making each pocket hole joint. The result is a very strong backing to nail the sheet rock to.

We will bring you an update when the sheetrock patch covers up our fine handiwork with the Kreg Jig.

P.S.  My apologies - we forgot to take the "after" photos.  However, my son does very well with patching sheet rock, and cleaning up holes and dents in wall, so they can be painted!

Your Kreg Jig is Great for Repairs!

The Kreg repair of this table with drawer was the first project my teen-age son did with our new Kreg Jig K5!

This nondescript, and not particularly valuable, table ended up in our possession because the drawer no longer worked.  I have a reputation for fixing things. . . .

Even without the drawer it has seen a lot of use (and sometimes abuse) from a household of boys.   For some reason, it just always seemed the right size for the computer monitor, or a tight corner, etc., so it didn't get passed on.

Click here to see how this repair was accomplished.  Or, you may click on the photo.

This Towel Bar and Shelf is Simple!

This simple towel bar plan was built using scrap wood from the garage, and took about 2 hours to complete.

You can resize the plan to fit the space you have available.

If you don't have any scrap wood, it can also be economically built with wood from the local lumber yard.

This is a great project for a beginner woodworker!!

To learn more, click here or on the photo.

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