More Shaker Style
Furniture Plans
for the
Beginner Woodworker.

This Shaker Wall Shelf is One Plan You Could Build!

Shown below are photos of five more Shaker style furniture plans that a beginner woodworker can make! We have built each one of them, so you know that they work!

When you click on the photo it will take you to the page with the photos and description for those free wood project plans.  Some of these plans also have a woodworking pdf at the end of the page for you to download.

We had fun creating these plans.  We hope you have as much fun building your own version! 

You Can Build These Kreg Plans for Wood, 2-Step, Shaker Step Stool!

Building step stools is a great place for a woodworking beginner to start.  And this is our most popular, free step stool plan!

These Shaker style furniture plans have only 5 wood pieces. With the Kreg jig and pocket hole screws, these free wood project plans can be built quickly and inexpensively. 

With success with these Shaker furniture plans, you will have the confidence to build many of our other Kreg jig projects!

Click here or on the photo
to start your journey building these Kreg jig plans. 

This Shaker Wall Shelf is a Visitor Favorite!

These Shaker Style Furniture Plans have gotten thousands of pins on Pinterest!   Why?

  • They are easy to make! 
  • They are inexpensive to build!
  • And they are adorable when finished.

Click on this link, or on the photo, to see why other woodworkers like these beginner woodworker plans.

Build These
Shaker Style Furniture Plans
for Clothes Hamper With Lid!

The Shaker style furniture is known by its minimalist design combined with great practicality. These woodworking plans for wood clothes hamper reflect both of these characteristics. 

With just a few woodworking tools, including your Kreg jig, a woodworking beginner can build this solid wood laundry hamper. 

To go to these
free wood clothes hamper plans,
click here or on the photo above.

Be sure to check out the woodworking plan pdf for these Kreg plans. This free download is done in SketchUp, and gives you all the details, including where to put the pocket hole screws. 

You Can Build
This Shaker Step Stool
With Handle!

We have built more of these Shaker step stools than any other, and continue to get requests for them. The handle serves two purposes: it allows you to easily move the step stool without bending down; and it helps to stabilize you as you are stepping up! 

Senior citizens love these! And, so do small children - even a toddler can drag it from bathroom to kitchen with ease. 

These free wood project plans are a little more difficult than our other step stool plans, but with our photos and diagrams, YOU can build them!

Click here or on the photo
to go straight to these Kreg plans. 

Check out the Shaker Furniture Books available from Amazon.

These are Free Wood Project Plans for a Shaker Style Arched Bench!

Very simple, but classic lines make this arched bench a pleasing piece of Shaker furniture. 

With just a few woodworking tools you can build this solid pine bench. With only has 5 pieces, these are perfect free wood project plans for a beginner woodworker. 

Click here or on the photo
to see the comprehensive directions and photos
included in these free woodworking plans.

On that page you will also find a free download PDF of this diy woodworking project. Print that and take it with you as you build.

We have been using our Shaker arched bench for five years - it is still beautiful, and one of the favorite things in my house.  We hope you enjoy yours as much as we enjoy ours! 

Six More Shaker Style Furniture Plans Shown on This Page!

Click on this link, or on the photo, to see these other Shaker plans, too.

These end table plans have received thousands of pins on Pinterest, too!

But there is also a blanket chest, onion bin, and more.


Check Out These Other Free Woodworking Plans!

This rolling kitchen cabinet is very handy!  Click here, or on the photo, to see the free cabinet plans.

Kreg Tool Company Has Created a Dozen Free Wood Project Plans.

Some of the free wood project plans are great for the beginner woodworker!  Check out the ones that we have built here.

There's some we haven't yet built.  Click here to check those out.

Learn More about How to Use the Kreg Jig!

Leave Shaker style furniture plans
to learn more about how to use the Kreg Jig.

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