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These delightful Shaker furniture plans bench were adapted to be built with the simple joinery of the pocket screw jig.

The original Shaker woodworking plan had one arched piece in the center. We added a second arch, so that there is one near the back of the bench, and one near the front. By doing this, all of the Kreg screws are hidden.

As with many Shaker furniture plans, the sides have a half-circle cut-out at the bottom.

This arched solid pine bench has only 5 pieces of wood to cut. Making the arch is the only step that is mite complicated. We explain how you can make that with just a pencil and some string.

The link to the woodworking pdf for these Shaker furniture plans is at the bottom of this page. You can print that and take it with you as you build.

Woodworking Hand Tools for Shaker Furniture Plan Bench.

These Shaker furniture plans require only a few tools.

For woodworking hand tools, you will need:

  • Kreg jig;*
  • speed square;
  • tape measure;
  • wood clamps;
  • pencil; and
  • some string.

*The photo shows a Kreg Jig K5, but this bench was actually built with the Kreg Jig K4.  Both work great!

To learn why we are so convinced
that the pocket screw jig is perfect for beginner woodworkers, click here.

Just a Couple of Power Tools Needed.

The woodworking power tools used to make these pocket hole jig plans for an arched bench are: 

  • jig saw; and
  • drill.

A jig saw was used to cut all the arches and pieces of these Shaker furniture plans bench.  The jig saw is a very versatile tool, and can be used to cut bevels, arches, and straight lines.

The jig saw is both inexpensive and easy to use.

Use a speed square to help you get the cut lines straight.

The List of Materials Need is Short.

The materials needed are:

  • 6' long 1" by 12" pine board; and
  • 4' long 1" by 6" pine board.

Learn how to select the best pine boards
for your Shaker furniture plans bench.

Kreg Screws Needed.

If making these Shaker furniture plans bench from pine (as we did), you will also need (20) Kreg 1-1/4-Inch 8-Coarse Pocket Screws. 

These Kreg jig plans could also be made from oak, cherry or other hardwood.  If you do use a hardwood, you will need to use the 
Kreg 1-1/4-Inch Fine Washer-Head Pocket Screws. 

You can buy Kreg pocket hole screws and the Kreg jig at some home improvement stores.  Or at Amazon.

All the Pocket Hole Joinery is Right Angle.

The only pocket hole joinery used with these free wood projects is connecting at right angles.

The Kreg right angle clamp is very helpful with these joints!

There are only 5 pieces to this Shaker arched bench plan.

Approximate Cost to Build These Shaker Furniture Plans Bench.

The approximate cost to build this delightful, wooden bench is about $3.

If you would rather buy it, go to Amazon. You can get a kit for $117.50, or a completely finished bench for $215.

Marking the Arches on the Curved Side Pieces.

You will need to cut the following pieces:

  • from the 1 by 12, cut the top-27 3/4" long, and 11" wide;
  • from the 1 by 12, cut 2 side pieces-14" long and 11" wide; and
  • from the 1 by 6, cut 2 aprons-21 3/4" long and 5 1/2" wide.

Cut the Two Arches With Your Jig Saw.

The half-circle at the bottom of each side (see photo above) has a radius of 3 1/2". The top of the half-circle is 3 1/2" from the bottom of the side. The edge of the half circle is 2" from each bottom corner.

That half circle does not have to be exact. If you don't have a compass to make that half circle, find a cereal bowl or other circular item that is close to 7 inches across, and use that to make your line.

Once you have the line, cut out the half-circle with your jig saw.

Use the first side as a template for the second side.

Marking the Arches on the Aprons.

To make the arch on the aprons (see photo above), tie a long string around a pencil. Measure out 24" from the pencil to a spot on the string. Mark the spot with a knot or with a marker. Hold the knot with one hand, and use the pencil to draw a portion of a 48" diameter circle on a piece of cardboard.

Cut the cardboard along the line you just made.

On the bottom edge of each apron make a mark 2" in from the bottom corner. Align the portion of the cardboard circle between those 2 marks, and trace. You should now have a good line for your arch.

Use your jig saw to cut along that arch line. Use your first arch as a template for the second arch.

Cut One Apron and Use as Pattern for the Second.

Use your jig saw to cut along that arch line. Use your first arch as a template for the second arch.

It is Optional Whether You Rout the Edges.

Once your five pieces are cut and shaped, it is a good time to sand everything.

It is also a good time to round the edges that will be exposed. For these Shaker furniture plans, the only edges that will NOT need to be rounded are the tops of the 2 arched aprons.

There are many ways to round the edges. The photo shows a router, but you can sand them - either by hand or with an electric sander.

You could also use a Slick Plane, shown in the right hand column.  This is an inexpensive option that gives consistently smooth rounded edges.

If you are planning on distressing your Shaker arched bench, like we did, having all of edges evenly rounded is not that important. Sanding will work just fine.

Page 2 of This Shaker Plan Shows You How to Assemble It.

Click on this link, or on the photo, to continue to page 2.

On this page, we have photos that show you how to drill the pocket holes, and then how to assemble your Shaker furniture plans bench.

We recommend that you review each step on both pages before starting this project.

Click on the photo to find the pdf
for these Shaker furniture plans.

We hope you enjoy this little bench as much as we do!

Learn How to Finish this Bench With Milk Paint.

We finished our Shaker arched bench with brown wood dye and barn red milk paint.

If you would like to see the steps
in that process, click here.

Finishing the bench would have been much easier if it had been done before assembly!


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