This Router Table Cabinet Plan is Designed for
Kreg's Precision
Router Table System.

My first impression of this router table cabinet plan was that it was definitely not designed for the woodworking beginner.  But as I started reviewing it, and especially as I watched the video of each step, my perception changed to "this is very doable."

You wouldn't want this as your first project, but if you have built from some other Kreg jig plans, you could build this cabinet, too!

The link to download
this router table cabinet plan
from Kreg Tool Company
is at the bottom of this page.

This Plan is Designed to Fit the Kreg Tool Precision Router Table System.

That means the first thing you need is the Kreg Tool Precision Router Table System.  If you don't have one of these YET, and would like one, you can click on the photo above to buy one from the Kreg Tool Company.  When you get to the Kreg Tool Company website, click on "Products" in the top list and then "Router Table Systems."

If you don't see yourself buying a Kreg router table in the near future, these FREE plans still have substantial value!  I will explain why in more detail below.

This is the List of Woodworking Tools Needed To Build This Router Table Cabinet.

You will need the following woodworking hand tools for these free Kreg plans:

  • Kreg pocket screw jig;
  • woodworking clamps;
  • tape measure; and
  • pencil.

The woodworking power tools you need for this workbench are:
circular saw, and electric drill.

The creator of the plan also used his router to make the dust collection hole in the back of the cabinet.

As with every plan, we strongly encourage you to protect your eyes with safety glasses.

Materials Needed for This Project.


  • (1) sheet of 4' x 8', 3/4" hardwood plywood;
  • (1) 24" by 24" pegboard;
  • (1) 8" wide by 3/4" thick by 4' long board;
  • (2 sets) 16" full extension drawer slides;
  • (100) SML-F125 Fine, Kreg screws; and
  • (1) bottle of wood glue.

If you can't find the right pocket hole screws at your local big box or hardware store, you can order them directly from Kreg Tool Company by clicking on the link above.

This plan has a printable PDF that includes a shopping list and a cutting diagram.  Both are very handy at each stage of building this cabinet.

Estimated Costs to Build This Cabinet.

The estimated cost to build this Kreg Router Table Cabinet plan is $75 to $80.

Advantages of Building this Unit.

If you like your tools organized, and everything at your fingertips, like I do!, this plan accomplishes that.  It is well thought out with provision for dust removal built in, and an expansive space to store AND protect your router bits.  Once you have this built, the drawers will have the most value stored in them!

There is also an extra interior space to store other tools you use while routing.  And the two pegboard hangars on the side allow you organize even more tools you like to keep handy.

Two design factors I especially appreciate are: 1.  That it was designed so that the cabinet could be installed without disassembling the router table; and 2.  That the drawers could easily be taken apart to change as your collection of router bits changed.

If you have a Kreg Precison Router Table System. the plan for this cabinet is a good one!

BUT, What If I Don't Have a Kreg Precision Router Table System?

Well, I don't either. YET!  But definitely planning on it!

However, this plan was a great one to review, because I learned several things from watching each step in the video, including:

How to use clamps as spacing jigs (very cool);

How to use measuring tape as a spacing jig; and

How to easily measure equal widths when the width of the board doesn't divide equally.  (When you watch the video this will make more sense!).  I will be using this technique alot!

And as I use my router I will have a better idea of what I want in my router table cabinet when I can get it!

Keep in mind that this plan is FREE!

Possible Alterations
to the Kreg Plan.

Since this plan first came out, others have added a drawer under the base, but still leaving enough toe room next to the floor.  This drawer could be built at the same time as you build this plan or could be added later.

Click on the Kreg Logo or the Link Below to go to these Kreg Router Table Cabinet Plans.

To go to the website for these wood working projects, click here, or on the Kreg Tools logo.  Then click on the "Get Inspired" tab at the top of the page, and choose "Plans."

We Have More Cabinet Plans.

If you are looking for more cabinet plans, click here, or on the photo above.

Kreg Tool Company Has More Free Kreg Jig Plans.

To see all the of the free plans from Kreg Tool Company that we have built, including this workbench, click here or on the photo.

By the way, our workbench has stood up well to 5 years of hard service!

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