YOU Can Repair
Cracked Wood Chair!


Repair cracked wood chair with your Kreg repair jig!  It is easy!

This chair was thrown out by a neighbor.  It looks like they had tried to fix loose legs once, but now that the seat was both cracked and split, they had had enough.

I had used the Kreg jig for edge joinery before, and thought I could solve both the crack and the split using my Kreg repair jig.  And it worked out!

Easiest to Start by Fixing the Crack.

I used a long clamp to pull the crack together as tight as possible before drilling any of the pocket holes.

I Set Up My Kreg Jig From Center of Chair.

And made two mistakes immediately!

Mistake #1:  I was guessing how far to set the Kreg jig from the crack and I set it too close.

Mistake #2.  It would have been impossible to drill the pocket holes and drive the pocket hole screws from the center of the chair, because the chair legs and supports would be in the way.  The pocket holes needed to be drilled from the outside!

Lesson Learned:  Drill Pocket Holes from Outside Edge.

For the second set of pocket holes I placed the Kreg jig on the outside edge and farther away from the crack.  Worked much better!

What Size Screw to Use?

As you can see, I used the "scientific method" of determining what size screw to use to repair cracked wood chair.  I found the 2" pocket hole screw would give me at least 1/2" going into the other side of the crack.

I use a lot of the 1 1/4 coarse Kreg screws, but it is always nice to have the other sizes available!!

One of the best ways to have an assortment of Kreg pocket holes screws is to get the kit shown here.

If you can't find it locally, they are available at Amazon.

Next Step Was to Drive Pocket Hole Screws.

I used 3 screws on the cracked side, and they pulled that side of the chair together nicely.

The Next Step is Fix the Split Side.

Drilling the pocket holes for the second side was much easier than the first, because I now knew WHERE to drill them!

Drilled Pocket Holes FROM Outside Edge.

Drilling the holes for the split side went very fast.

The Kreg jig is held in place with the Kreg face clamp.  I use this clamp very often!!

It is well worth the investment!

Clamps Did Not Bring Split Side Level!

Frustration!  I used every clamp of every size that I own to try to get the split side level.  Nothing worked!!  No matter how hard I tightened the clamps, those two pieces would just not line up right!!

I had to Break the Seal of Existing Glue.

Once I used a blade to break the seal of the existing glue, I was able to get the two pieces level.

It would have been nice to be able to sand the two edges for a cleaner seam, but that would have meant taking the whole chair apart.

Used Longer Screws on Split Side.

Using the same "scientific method" as before, I determined I had enough room to use a longer screw on the split side.

And That is How You
Repair Cracked Wood Chair!

The next page will show you how I made the chair presentable!

Check Out the Steps to Finish This Chair!

Once the repair to the cracked wood chair was done, it still needed some work to make it presentable.

Visit the page showing the final steps
in this chair refurbishing project
by clicking here or on the photo.

Need a Free Bird Feeder Plan?

This free bird feeder plan was developed by the Kreg Tool Company.

To learn more about it, and to get the link to download it, click here.

You may also click on the photo.

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