Reface Kitchen Cabinets
Using Your Kreg Jig.

You Can Reface Your Kitchen Cabinets!
Look at These Results!

The decision to reface kitchen cabinets, OR to rebuild them, OR to replace them is a big one!

This country kitchen definitely needed an upgrade!  Look below to see the dramatic difference between the "before" and "after" photos!

If the cabinet boxes are still good, refacing them is a much more cost-effective way to upgrade the kitchen.  With your Kreg Jig, you can do this!

These Cabinets Were in
Great Need of Updating!

This home has a wonderfully large country kitchen/dining area that allows the new owners to host family and church events.  But the existing kitchen cabinets detracted from the country charm.

The Cabinet Doors
Were Warped and Peeling.

The original cabinet doors were made from solid wood with formica glued on all surfaces.  As the wood expanded and contracted with the seasons - and sometimes warped -, the glue separated.  Having falling formica did not make the homeowners very happy!

The doors were NOT worth salvaging!

What a Huge Difference
the New Cabinet Doors Made!!

But check out these doors! They are made with hickory frames that are "Kreg jigged".   The center part is 3/8" birch plywood.

Hickory is native to the area, so a natural choice to bring the country back into the house.

Each Door was Kreg-Jigged!

The cabinet doors had the birch plywood placed in grooves in the frames, and then the frames were connected with pocket hole screws.  They turned out beautifully!

Increase Your Confidence With This Cabinet Making DVD!

Yes, you can do this!  With the skills you will learn from this DVD, you will also acquire the confidence to tackle a reface kitchen cabinets project!

The Cabinet Drawers
Needed an Upgrade, too!

The drawer boxes were in good condition, so all that was needed was more appealing drawer fronts.

That is - until you look at the cabinet box holding the drawers.  The supports between the drawer were broken and separated from the rest of the cabinet base.  To get the drawers to slide in and out easily, those needed to be replaced!

Time to bring on the Kreg Jig again!

New Drawer Fronts and Handles
Created a Distinctive Look!

Before the new drawer fronts were added, solid hickory supports were needed between the drawers.  But how do you get them solidly attached when the cabinet base is already installed?  You Kreg jig them!

By using pocket holes in the two support pieces between the drawers, the cabinet maker was able to pull both sides of the base cabinet together.  Everything is tight and solid now.

And the bank of drawers looks fantastic!

Installing the New Doors!

Installing the doors to get each one lined up with all the others is a painstaking and time consuming process!

This Reface Kitchen Cabinets
Project Was Well Worth It!

For a fraction of the cost of replacing the base cabinets, the homeowners were able to reface kitchen cabinets, and restore the country feel to this warm and inviting gathering place!

So bring out your Kreg Jig
and explore the possibilities for your home!

Check Out the Kreg Cabinet Plans.

Click on this link, or on the photo, to review some of the cabinet plans available to you. All of these can be built with the Kreg Jig.

Want More Kreg Jig Project Plans?

Click here or on the photo to see the plans that we have developed for the Kreg Jig.

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