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This Pocket Hole Plans Book Is An Excellent Resource for Pocket Hole Jig Owners!

Pocket hole plans book with 11 projects for the pocket hole jig.

This pocket hole plans book is authored by Danny Proulx, who has written more than 10 books about woodworking. The back cover says, This is "the first book to teach the limitless applications of this time saving joinery system."

Check out the latest book with Kreg Plans - The Handbuilt Home: 34 Simple Stylish and Budget-Friendly Woodworking Projects for Every Room published in the fall of 2012. Ana White is well known for her Kreg plans for the woodworking beginner.

The Ana White plans tend to be simpler than those made by Danny Proulx. Even if you only use one plan out of the 34 included in her book, the purchase price will be well worth it!

This is an exploded view from the pocket hole plans book.

Popular Woodworking is the publisher of this 128-page soft cover book. The quality is first-rate for each of the pocket hole projects. With the step-by-step explanation, the exploded construction diagrams, and many quality photographs, it is easy to see what to do next. This pocket hole plans book also includes a materials list, as well as a list of hardware and supplies for each pocket hole plan.
'Shop Tips' and 'Construction Notes' are scattered throughout the project directions. Just those are worth the price of the book.

The specific projects included in this pocket hole project book may not be what you are looking for right now, but reviewing the techniques used in this pocket hole plans book will help as you design your own projects.

You can make your own pocket hole jig.

Chapter One
In this first chapter Danny Proulx gives a brief survey of the pocket hole jigs that are available for purchase. He also includes directions to make your own pocket hole jig.

The author also discusses the various types of pocket hole screws, and the drill bits used in pocket hole joinery, including the step drill bit.

A couple of examples of pocket hole joinery.

Chapter Two
The second chapter is a wonderful description, including many photos, of the most common types of pocket hole joinery.

This includes:

  • the corner or right angle joint;
  • T-joints;
  • L-joints:
  • edge joinery:
  • corner miter joints;
  • face angle joinery;
  • offset joinery;
  • leg and rail joinery;
  • drawer box construction;
  • countertop backboards; and
  • edge banding.

Pocket hole screws are covered by pocket hole plugs.

To review the first 3 plans in "The Pocket Hole Drilling Jig Project Book", including the:

  • Free standing base cabinet;
  • Tall bookcase: and
  • Quilt rack,
click on the quilt rack icon.

Woodcraft Brand Banner

Window bench plan from pocket hole plans book.

To review the next 4 plans in the pocket hole plans book by Danny Proulx, including the:

  • Window Bench;
  • Chest of Drawers;
  • Kitchen display and storage cabinet: and
  • Coffee and end tables,
click on the window bench icon.

Pocket hole joinery was used in this pendulum clock.

For our review of the last 4 plans in Danny Proulx's pocket hole plan book, including the:

  • Sofa or hall table;
  • Framed mirror;
  • Pendulum wall clock: and
  • Octagonal wall clock,
click on the pendulum clock icon.

If you own a pocket hole jig, and are looking for new projects to build, we recommend this book.

Originally published at $24.99 in 2004, it is now available for much less. Click on the cover icon to find this book at

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