Plans for Step Stool
Designed for
Woodworking Beginner!

Plans for step stool for woodworking beginner.

We Call This Our 1 Hour Step Stool.


With only 4 pieces of wood, these plans for step stool can be built in one hour.

We show you to build a step stool including marking and cutting the angled side pieces. With these instructions, photos and diagrams, construction is easy for everyone, including the woodworking beginner!

The link to the pdf for these plans for step stool is at the bottom of the page. When it is time for construction of a step stool, you can print the woodworking PDF and take it into the shop or garage with you.

Your Kreg jig will drill the pocket holes in this wooden step stool.


These free wood project plans require only a few woodworking tools.

The hand tools you need are:

  • tape measure;
  • speed square;
  • Kreg jig;
  • pencil; and
  • compass (if available).

The only power woodworking tools you will need for these Kreg plans are a jig saw and an electric drill.

To learn how to pick the best pine boards

for these Kreg plans, click here.


The only type of pocket hole joinery used with these plans for step stool is right angle.


Because the pieces are small, you probably will have enough scrap pine to make build a step stool without buying any more wood. But if you do have to buy the wood, it will only cost about $10.

An equivalent step stool can be purchased on Etsy for $25 plus shipping and handling.

The pieces for these Kreg plans step stool must be cut in the right order.


Even though this is a woodworking beginner project, it is important to cut the pieces in the right order.

1. Cut the top first out of your 1x12, making it 14 inches long and 11 inches wide. Because the 1 x 12 is 11 1/4 inches wide, you will need to trim a 1/4 inch off one side of the top.

2. Cut 1 piece of the 1x12, making it 20 inches long and 10 1/4 inches wide. For this piece you will need to trim one edge by 1 inch.

3. From this piece you will cut the side pieces. Make a line 9 1/4 inches from each edge of this board. Between those 2 lines is a section of wood that will be wasted.

4. On each side of your 9 1/4" lines, use your jig saw to cut into those lines about 1/2 inch. DO NOT cut all the way across the white section.

5. The 2 white rectangles in the middle are where you will position the center brace. Make lines that are 4 3/4" from each side. Make another line that is 2 1/4" from the top of each side piece, and another that is 3 1/2" from the bottom of each side. (Finding the right spot for the brace after the angles are cut is difficult.)

6. Next, mark a spot 3/4" in from each of the corners. Use a straight edge to draw a line from that 3/4" mark to the top outside spot of your 9 1/4" line. Then use your jig saw to cut along that angled line to remove the wood outside the lines. (It is much easier to make these cuts from 1 large piece, than from 2 smaller ones.)

7. Once all of the brown triangles are gone, you can finish cutting across both sides of the middle, white section. The two ends will be your side pieces. The middle section is scrap.

The pocket hole screws connect the legs to the top of this Shaker step stool.

The next step in these Kreg plans for step stool is to cut the center brace from the 1x4. This brace is 11" long and 3" wide.

Use your Kreg jig to drill the pocket holes in your Shaker step stool.

You are now ready to drill the pocket holes. Set up your Kreg jig and your step drill bit for 3/4" thick material.

If you haven't purchased your own Kreg jig yet, we recommend the Kreg Tool System. We chose the Kreg K4MS Jig Master System because it had everything we needed to get started. Expect to pay about $140.  It will be worth every penny!

We have since upgraded to the Kreg Jig K5!  And love it!!!

The brace of this 1-step step stool gives it strength.

Once the pocket holes are drilled in both the center brace and the side pieces you are ready to start assembly of these plans for step stool.

Attach the brace to the side pieces first. Then attach the base to the top of this Shaker step stool.

We used pine pocket hole plugs in this Shaker step stool. You can purchase Kreg Pine Plugs, 50-Pack from Amazon for about $7.50.

For this project a pack of 50 is plenty, but a Kreg Pine Plugs, 200-Pack is also available.

This Shaker step stool can be used to display plants or other items.

Once assembled, you can finish your Shaker step stool with stain and varnish, or try your hand at using old fashioned milk paint.

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woodworking PDF for these Kreg plans.

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