Organizer Plans
For Each Area
of the House!

You Can Build These Plans
Using Your Kreg Jig.

Check out these organizer plans for the Kreg jig!

Each of these plans are affordable!  Each are buildable by the beginner woodworker!  And each could make your life easier!

These plans were created to be built in sections, so you can pick and choose what would work best for your space and your needs.  And you can build the sections as you can afford the materials.

Click on the links below to see a review of each plan

P.S.  Just in case you are wondering, I have reviewed some other plans where my opinion was not so glowing!

(Photo courtesy of Kreg Tool Company, and is subject to copyright protection.)

These Modular Garage Organizer Plans are Easy to Build!

The garage organizer plans are well-designed and easy to follow.  You can build one section at a time - until all the tools, toys and totes are organized!

Click here, or on the photo, to see our review and learn how you can get your copy of these Kreg jig plans.

(Photo courtesy of Kreg Tool Company, and is subject to copyright protection.)

Affordable, Versatile, Functional DIY Closet Organizer Plans.

These are fantastic plans for the beginner woodworker, OR for anyone who dreams of having an organized closet.  They are easy to build!  The materials are easily available.  And you can pick and choose from the plan to get YOUR closet organized the way you want it!

Click on this link, or on the photo to see why we think this plan is so great!

P.S.  This plan is part of the Kreg DIY Project Kit.  See link in the right column.

(Photo courtesy of Kreg Tool Company, and is subject to copyright protection.)

Check Out These Entryway Organizer Plans.

Tired of the shoes, boots, backpacks, and who knows what else, right as you walk in the door?  These plans can help reduce that clutter.  It is made in sections, starting with the bench, and then building up from there.  You can make it to fit your space and your needs!  It is an affordable solution!

Click on this link, or on the photo, to see our review, and find out where you could get this plan.

(Photo courtesy of Kreg Tool Company, and is subject to copyright protection.)


Need More Storage Space?
You Can Build it!

Create the storage space you need by building various types of cabinets.  The plans in our cabinets section include permanently installed ones, and portable ones.

Find the right plan for you at this link.  Or just click on the photo.

We Have DIY Woodworking Plans for Various Wall Shelves!

Some of the wall shelf plans we have created, and some are from other sources.  Check them out!  Wall shelf plans AND step stool plans are a great way to get started with your Kreg Jig.

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