New Kreg Tools
for Easier, Faster, Better
Woodworking Projects

Check Out All the New Stuff from Kreg!

Check out the new Kreg Tools from the Kreg Tool Company!  Whether a beginner woodworker, and one with years of experience, these tools will make the building of your woodworking projects more fun, and producing better results.

Kreg Tool Company Has Put Together a Kreg Jig DIY Project Kit Complete With Plans.

To see why WE think this kit is great for woodworking beginners, go to our Kreg DIY Kit page.  This kit solves 4 major problems faced by beginner woodworkers, and does it very affordably!

In fact, this set includes ten DIY woodworking plans to build with the Kreg Jig.  To buy these separately would cost MORE than buying the tools, including all the plans.

We are Very Impressed With the Improvements in the Kreg Jig K5.

Kreg Tool Company put everything on my wish list into this new version of the Kreg jig.

Learn more about why I think this new Kreg jig is so fantastic.  Click on this link or on the photo to check out my review of the innovative new features and the increased functionality.

I pretty much guarantee you will want one, too!

Already Have a Kreg Jig K5?

Click here to check out
the step-by-step instructions,
complete with photos,
for setting up your new pocket hole jig.

Need Kreg Jig Plans
for Your New Kreg Tools?
We Have Them Here!

Kreg Tool Company Has Developed Some Free Kreg Jig Plans.

We have built most of the free plans from Kreg Tool.  These include a workbench (shown here), a toy box, bookcase, bird feeder, and more.  To see those, click here or on the photo.

We Have Created a Bunch of Free Pocket Hole Plans, too!

Our pocket hole plans include tables, benches, step stools, blanket chest, the clothes hamper pictured here, and much more!

Click on this link to go to Page 1 of these FREE Kreg jig plans.  You may also click on the photo.

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