Mission End Table Plans
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for the Woodworking Beginner

These mission end table plans are complete and ready for finishing.
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Page 2 of these mission end table plans are primarily about assembling the pieces of the table. We include many photos so that the woodworking beginner can see how each step is done, and how it should look when the step is completed. Even though these free end table plans have more pieces than most of our other beginner Kreg joint plans, we have still ranked it as a beginner woodworking project. Follow each step carefully, and YOU can build this table.

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The link to the woodworking pdf for this Kreg joint plan is at the bottom of both pages.

The last photo on page 1. of these free end table plans shows the two side pieces completely assembled. The next step is to attach the shelf to those side pieces. Clamp one side piece securely to a flat surface. Align the bottom shelf at the top edge of the bottom rail. Use clamps to hold it in place.

Make sure the shelf is square to the side using your speed square. And then drive the Kreg pocket screws into the side pieces.

Using long woodworking clamps, clamp the other side piece to a flat surface. Align the bottom shelf with that side piece, clamp in place, and drive the pocket hole screws.

Clamp the top of these mission end table plans to a flat surface. Align both sides of your table with the table top. Double check for square, clamp in place, and drive the Kreg joint screws.

Your next step in these free end table plans is to add the two side aprons. As before, align the pieces, double-check for square, and drive the Kreg screws.


Your mission style bedside table is now ready for finishing.

To print out the pdf for these free end table plans, just click on the diagrams. Have fun building this little table!

The changes we made to our original Kreg plans, after building this very versatile, mission style table, are:

  • changing where the pocket holes were drilled; and
  • adding aprons to the bottom as well as the top.

This changed the dimension on the bottom shelf, so that the aprons would be flush with the side of the legs.

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