Ladder for Laundry Room!
Simple & Inexpensive!


This ladder for laundry room can be built for about $20 using new wood.  I used recycled wood, so my only cost was the hardware to hang it.

And it can be built in less than an hour!  Collecting the wood, hardware, and your tools will take longer than the building process.


Mistake #1:  Pocket Holes Not Centered.

On one end of one of my rungs, one of my pocket holes went right off the side.  Bummer.  I decided that one screw was enough for that end.  I already knew I was going to hide the pocket holes when I hung it up, so nobody would see it. [Please don't look for it when you come to visit].

Mistake #2:  My First Hanging System Was Awful!

It was cute, but it didn't work!  It was the dickens to get this ladder for laundry room to hang level just to take a photo. It certainly didn't hang level as soon as I put the clothes on it. [Reminds me - I have to run and put some clothes in the dryer.  Really!!]

So, I took the ladder down and rehung it the way shown on this page.


Woodworking Tools Needed to Build Ladder for Laundry Room.

This is a very simple plan, so only a minimal amount of tools is needed.

The woodworking hand tools used are:

  • woodworking clamps;
  • pencil;
  • tape measure;
  • square;
  • level; and
  • Kreg Jig.

Power Tools Needed

The woodworking power tools used to make this ladder are: 

  • saw;
  • and a drill. 

Materials Needed and Cost Estimate.

If your ladder was 5 feet long (long enough to hang over both washer and dryer), 18 inches wide, and had 4 rungs, you would need three 8' long 2x2s.  Those would cost about $10.

You would also need (16) 1 1/4" pocket hole screws.  A box of 100 screws costs about $5.

The cost of the hardware to hang the ladder was about $5.

If you can't find the pocket hole screws locally, they are available at Amazon.


Cut The Wood to Length.

Cut both the legs and the rungs to the length you need for the ladder for laundry room to fit your space.

You may also wish to round the edges using a router (if you have one), or a sander.

The Next Step is to Drill the Pocket Holes.

For strength, and to keep the rungs from twisting, I used two pocket holes on each end of the rungs.

If you need a refresher on how to set up your Kreg jig (it is easy), click on these instructions:

Clamp the First Rung In Place.

As you can see in the photo I used a piece of scrap wood to help line up the rung on the spot I wanted it.  I also used a Kreg right angle clamp in one of the pocket holes to hold the rung in place.

The right angle clamp is not a necessity, but it surely is handy!!

Mine gets used often!

Attach the Other Rungs to the First Leg.

I used the scrap wood behind each rung as I attached it.  It really helped to keep the joints square.

Once you have the rungs attached to the first leg, clamp the second leg to your work surface.  Then just repeat the process to attach the rungs to the second leg.


Hardware for Hanging.

I used eye bolts because I was hanging this under a cabinet.  You probably will want some kind of toggle bolts if you are hanging yours from a sheet rock ceiling.

I also painted my eye bolts and hooks to match the chain. 

Eye Bolts Into Cabinet.

I put 4 eye bolts into the bottom of the cabinet, and then attached a short length of chain to each.

I Put the Hooks In the Legs.

It is important that the hooks and upper eye bolts line up.  It took a bit of measuring to make sure that happened.

Make Sure Your Ladder for Laundry Room Hangs Level.

I had to adjust the chain a bit to get it level, but in just few minutes it was level along the back, along the front, and crossways along the rungs.

The Next Step is to Enjoy Your Laundry Room Ladder!

I literally just took that load I mentioned earlier out of the dryer, and hung up the clothes immediately.  Fantastically handy!  I am so pleased!

P.S. I would rather do woodworking than laundry any day of the week!

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