Kreg Plans Books,
CDs and DVDs

The Kreg plans resources shown below include books, CDs and DVDs. All of these will help inspire confidence in the woodworking beginner as you learn how to build a table, a cabinet, a step stool or take steps to develop your own woodworking plans!

Ana White Plans Book:

Check out the latest book with pocket hole jig plans - The Handbuilt Home: 34 Simple Stylish and Budget-Friendly Woodworking Projects for Every Room published in the fall of 2012. Ana White is well known for her Kreg plans for the woodworking beginner.

The construction of the Ana White plans tends to be simpler than the plans in the Danny Proulx book.

Pocket Hole Jig Project Book:

Check out the first book with Kreg Plans - The Pocket Hole Drilling Jig Project Book (Popular Woodworking) These plans promote the use of the pocket hole jig for the construction of furniture.

Collection of 4 Kreg DVDs:

There is nothing like watching someone else do it to build your confidence! This set of DVDs give you the chance to see other woodworkers use the Kreg jig. They will also inspire you with ideas of how to build something new for your home and shop. - KREG JIG - DELUXE 4 PACK DVD'S

If you do not need all of this inspiration at one time, the individual DVDs in this collection are shown below.

Kreg Cabinetmaking DVD:

If you are planning to build your own cabinets, this Kreg DVD is a must! With the pocket hole jig the construction of those cabinets will be faster, stronger, simpler and better. This DVD will save you both time and money, as well as help you avoid mistakes. - Kreg V03-DVD Pocket Hole Joinery DVD, Cabinet Making

Watching this DVD should be part of the planning process for your kitchen and bath cabinets!

Building Tables Kreg DVD:

Tables of many sizes and varieties are necessary in any home. Why not build solid wood ones that will last a lifetime? And fit the spaces you want to use them? This Kreg DVD will show you how to build a table, but the methods will translate to just about any table you might need. Included are instructions about adding shelves and drawers to your table. - Kreg V05-DVD Pocket Hole Joinery DVD, Building Tables

Whether it's a kitchen table, end table, bedside table, or changing table you need, this DVD will help you take the steps to get it built!

Build a Router Table with your Pocket Hole Jig:

A woodworking beginner usually does not start out with either a router or a router table, but it is soon on the wish list! And now you can build it using your Kreg jig. This router table is designed by master woodworker, John Silaots, and includes large, pull-out bottom drawers for storage. It also has space for dust-free storage of your router bits. A dust collection systems is also part of these Kreg plans. - Kreg V06-DVD-Pocket Hole Joinery DVD, Building a Router Table

Also, included are a cut list and exploded diagrams.

Trim Carpentry with your Kreg Jig:

"Jaw dropping" is the only word to describe what Gary Striegler does with the pocket hole jig in this Kreg DVD about trim carpentry. Gary shows how to build a wall of extraordinary wainscoting, plus fireplace mantels, built-in bookcases, window seats, newell posts, stairs and door jamb extensions. - Kreg V07-DVD The Pocket Hole Solution to Trim Carpentry

Whether a professional carpenter, or a do-it-yourselfer this DVD will open your mind to a world of possibilities - for both your home and your customers' homes.

Another Kreg DVD About Trim Carpentry:

Bring Gary Striegler into your home for over 2 hours of demonstrating the speed, strength and simplicity of the pocket hole jig. In this Kreg DVD he will show you: how to create eye catching trim details for built-in cabinets; how to build a custom closet organizer; construction of your own cabinet doors; how to add classic wainscoting to Walls; how to build a media cabinet; and how to build and install custom interior doors. - Kreg Tool More Pocket Hole Solutions to Trim Carpentry (2) DVD Set 135 Minutes

Why have an ordinary door when you can create an extraordinary one with your Kreg jig?

15 Pocket Hole Plans in PDF Format:

The Kreg Pocket Hole Plan CD contains 15 plans in PDF format. These plans include: wall shelf, workbench, kitchen trash cabinet, patio serving table, occasional table, patio chair, draw leaf table, patio table, kitchen stool, desk, dining room chair, plant stand wall clock, bird feeder, and footstool. A bill of materials and a cut list for each project is also included. The CD works with either Mac or PC computers. Kreg PCD Pocket Hole Plan CD

These plans include some for the woodworking beginner, and some for the more experienced carpenter.

Check out the free wood project plans
we have created for the pocket hole jig.

We have reviewed some of the Kreg plans
included on the above CD.

Step stool plans are a great place
to start for a woodworking beginner.

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