The Kreg Micro Pocket Jig Makes Working With 1/2" Thick Wood Much Easier.

Want to Build Cabinets?
Get the Micro Jig!

The Kreg micro pocket jig solves the problem of the pocket hole screws breaking through 1/2" thick wood, and cracking narrow pieces of wood. If you intend to build any cabinet face frames or drawers from 1/2" wood, the micro jig is a must!

The Micro Pocket Hole is 25% Smaller.

The Kreg micro pocket jig allows you to drill pocket holes that are 25% smaller than the typical pocket holes. A standard pocket hole is created with a 3/8" diameter step drill bit, while the micro Kreg uses a 19/64" diameter bit. The standard pocket hole is 1 9/16" inches long, while the micro pocket hole is 1 5/16" long.

Build Cabinet Face Frames with the Kreg Micro Pocket Jig.

Because the pocket holes from the Kreg micro drill guide are smaller, you can use them in making face frames. Typical cabine face frames are only 1/2" thick. The horizontal rails and the vertical stiles are often only 1" wide. You will experience much less cracking and splitting, especially in hardwoods, by using this smaller jig from Kreg Tools.

Build Drawers with the Micro Pocket Jig.

When constructing drawer boxes, you can confidently use 1/2" thick wood. Most drawer boxes can be made so that the pocket hole screws are not visible. They are usually in the back of the drawer, the underside of the drawer, and hidden by the drawer front.

Don from Spring Branch, Texas, said: "works very well on drawer sides made from solid wood or plywood less than 3/4" in thickness. Really speeds up production of multiple drawers."

Repair Furniture With This Smaller Pocket Hole Jig.

There are times when you cannot get the Kreg Drill Guide clamped into position on existing pieces of furniture. The micro Kreg was designed so that you can use 2 screws to hold the drill guide in position while drilling the pocket holes.

Other Design Features of the Kreg Micro Pocket Jig.

This drill guide is constructed in black, so that it is easy to differentiate from the "Kreg blue" standard size drill guide.

The micro Kreg, though, is fully compatible with the Kreg Jig K4, and the Kreg Jig R3, ans well as the new Kreg Jig K5.

Pocket Hole Screws for the Micro Jig.

The Kreg #6 panhead screws are recommended! With the Kreg pocket hole screws, your pocket hole joint will be stronger. The cut-thread pattern will help prevent splitting.

These screws are difficult to find at your local hardware or big box store.  To purchase the pocket hole screws for the micro Kreg, click on the link to Amazon on the right.

Plugging the Micro Pocket Holes.

There may be times that you will want to use pocket hole plugs with these smaller holes.

The standard size pocket hole plugs will not work with the smaller holes made by the micro Kreg.   Click on the Amazon link to buy these plugs.  They are also available in cherry, maple, pine and oak!

Want to Build Some Cabinets With Your Micro Jig?

Check out the cabinet plans you can build with your Kreg Jig!  Click on this link, or on the photo, to review the cabinet plans we have available.

Need to Build a Drawer or a Bunch of Drawers?

Building drawers with the Kreg jig is easy!  Click here to check out how to build drawers.  OR, you may click on the photo.

To see the free pocket hole plans
from Kreg Tools, click here.

Leave 'Kreg Micro Pocket Jig"
to check out the
free bookshelf plans for the pocket screw jig.

Check out the other free wood working plans we have created for the Kreg pocket hole jig.

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