We are sold on the Kreg Jig!

To make even beginner woodworking projects you need to connect at least 2 pieces of wood together. In other words, you need a joint. On “Antiques Road Show” you have seen the experts point out the dove tail joints in drawers, and the mortise and tenon joints on tables. If you have read any how-to make furniture books you probably have learned about “biscuit” joints and dowel joints.

All of these require an expert's level of accuracy that is beyond both the beginner and the hobby woodworker. AND they require a shopful of expensive tools that most of us can't afford.

There is an option for us – the nonexperts – to create furniture - especially using our free wood project plans - that looks great and will last a lifetime:

Already Have a Kreg Jig?  We Have Simple Step-by-Step Setup Instructions.

Click here to learn how to setup your Kreg Jig K4.

Click here to learn how to setup your Kreg Jig K5.

The Kreg Jig System!

Why did we choose to focus on the Kreg pocket hole jig? Listed below are the many reasons why this website is built around the Kreg Jig system.  Our mission is that the beginner woodworker have success with their very first project!

We Chose the Kreg Jig System Because

One writer described the Kreg's system as “dummy-proof”. Kreg Tool described it as “seriously simple”.  Neither complicated math nor a calculator are required. If you know how to use a drill you can make  beginner woodworking projects, as well as fine furniture and sophisticated interior carpentry!

Whether your using the basic Kreg Jig shown here or the K4 or K5, it is SIMPLE!

We Chose It Because

To get started making furniture with our free wood project plans, you don't need to invest a lot of money! You will need only minimal tools, with the “expensive” ones being a circular saw, a drill and the Kreg pocket hole jig.

Click on the photos at the top right side of the page to go to the Kreg Tool Company website.  There you can review the pricing for the different models.  There are woodworkers everywhere making beautiful pieces with any of the models, so you don't NEED the latest and greatest to be successful.

We Chose the Kreg Jig System Because

It's fast to learn and it's fast to use. You will be able to assemble your kreg jig projects “amazingly fast”.  Literally, you will be able to build a simple project one evening, and apply the finish the next.

Most of the larger projects could be built in one day.

We Chose It Because

A pocket hole joint is approximately 35% stronger than a comparable mortise and tenon joint. A metal screw is much stronger than the wooden dowels, tenons and biscuits it replaces. Also, the angle of the screw makes it more difficult for the 2 pieces to pull apart. To separate a joint in one of our Kreg jig projects would require pulling against the screw threads AND against part of the wood.

We Chose It Because

You don't have the mess of glue AND you don't have to wait for the glue to dry before you move on to your next step in each of your wood working projects.

Occasionally, we will recommend glue in one of our free wood project plans, but it is very rare!  We find that traditional woodworkers who create Kreg woodworking plans tend to use more glue than what we think is needed.

We Chose the Kreg Jig System Because

By removing some of the pocket hole screws you may be able to disassemble a piece of furniture, lay it flat for moving, and reassemble at your new location.

We are designing a desk right now that can be taken apart to be moved.

We Chose It Because

You can make almost every wood working joint with your Kreg pocket hole jig. It has thousands of uses. You will use it for home improvement projects, including the always-needed garage storage. You can use it to make your own cabinets, outdoor furniture, and fine furniture. You may use it to fix squeaky stairs, wobbly furniture, and cabinets that are coming apart. The more you use your pocket hole tool, the more uses will find for it.

AND, we hope that the more you build with our free wood project plans, the more you will want to build!

We Chose the Kreg Jig Because

The quality of the Kreg's pocket hole system is immediately apparent. The blue base is made from Nylon glass reinforced material. Hardened steel is used in the drill guides. This pocket hole system will give you a lifetime of service. We have used it with hundreds of Kreg jig projects!

We Chose a Kreg Jig System!

Our first Kreg jig was the Kreg Jig K4 Master System.  It was a bit more expensive, but has proven to be an excellent investment!

It comes with all the pieces and tools you need to make your pocket hole joints the first time and every time! The built-in clamp and the alignment guides, as well as all the other features of the Kreg pocket hole system, are more than worth the little bit extra you pay.

If you have some of the accessories already, a stand alone Kreg jig may be right for you.

Rockler Woodworking says, “Pocket hole joinery with the Kreg system is a fast and simple 2-step process: drill a hole, and screw the parts together.”

The key, though, is to drill the hole at the perfect angle! A shallow angle will result in a weak joint, but a too deep angle may take you through the other side of the wood.

The Kreg system will give you the right angle the first time, every time, if you just follow the simple directions for use! And the result will be a very strong joint.

Kreg Tool has taken out all the guess work by building into their jig the preset markers for setting up both the drill bit and the drill guide. As a result of the quality of their system, the name 'Kreg' is synonymous with pocket hole joinery.

We know that with the free wood project plans you will find on our site combined with the Kreg pocket hole system, you will be able to build beautiful furniture, sturdy cabinets, and a host of other Kreg jig projects.

The other chapters in the WHY KREG JIG? section include:

“Step-by-Step Instructions
to Set Up Your Kreg Pocket Hole Jig K4.”

"Step-by-Step Instructions
to Set Up Your Kreg K5."

“All About Kreg Pocket Hole Screws”

“All About Kreg Pocket Hole Plugs”

“All About Kreg Face Clamps”

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