Build This Kreg Jig Storage Unit with Plan from Kreg Tool Company.

This Kreg jig storage unit plan is great for all of us who like to have everything at our finger-tips when we want to drill some pocket holes.  So scrap the coffee cans and jars, and build this storage unit with drawer to keep your drill bits, drivers, Kreg screws, and clamps all in the same place.  This unit easily clamps to your work bench, and will hang out of the way when not in use.

The link to download
this free wood working plan from Kreg Tool
is at the bottom of this page.

Kreg Tool has Now Created
a Kreg Jig Storage System to Buy!

Since this page was first created, Kreg Tool has made a Kreg Jig Storage System you can buy.  Check it out at the Amazon link.

Or, choose to build your own!

You  Will Need a Kreg Micro Jig to Build This Kreg Jig Storage Unit.

Because this project is built with 1/2" thick plywood, the larger holes and pocket hole screws used with a regular size Kreg jig is likely to split the wood.  The Kreg Micro Jig can help you avoid that splitting.

The Other Woodworking Tools Needed are Listed in This Section.

You will need the following woodworking hand tools for these free Kreg Tool Company plans:

  • Kreg pocket screw jig (with micro jig insert);
  • woodworking clamps;
  • tape measure; and
  • pencil.

The woodworking power tools you need for the Kreg Jig storage unit are:
circular saw, or table saw and electric drill.

As with every Kreg plan, we strongly encourage you to protect your eyes with safety glasses.

Only a Few Materials are Needed for This Project.


  • (1) sheet of 4' x 4', 1/2" hardwood plywood;
  • (2) latch hinges;
  • (2) pull handles;
  • (1) KJSS Material Support Stop;
  • (1) KMS7507 Kreg Mini Trak;
  • (1) small hinge for a drawer catch;
  • (2) 10-32 x 5/8 Bolt and corresponding nuts;
  • (100) SPS-F075 Fine, Kreg screws; and
  • (1) bottle of wood glue.

This pocket hole bookcase plan is laid out to maximize the use of each of the 4x8 sheets of plywood, which are the most expensive part of this project.  There is very little wasted material!

Estimated Costs to Build This Kreg Jig Storage Box

If built using the birch plywood and the hardware shown in the plan, the costs could be as high as $90.

However, if you used a pine plywood (which may not be as strong), you could reduce the cost considerably.  Also, you could save some costs by different hardware to keep the drawer closed.  The plan shows the use of two material stops on the mini trak, but you could get by with one.

Or, you may have some scrap wood in the shop that would be suitable for this storage unit.   The base could be made from 3/4" plywood left over from over projects.  And the top could be made from 1/2" boards.  Your only cost then would be the hardware.  It doesn't have to look pretty - it just has to be sturdy.

Advantages of Building this Unit.

I love this concept!  Having everything within arms reach when I need it, and everything out of the way when not needed is great!  The fact that you can hang this unit on the wall OR store it on a shelf when not in use pleases me.

Adding the handles makes moving it very simple.

Supporting the bigger pieces while drilling pocket holes has always been a struggle for me.  Adding the mini trak and material stops will save a bunch of time in trying to get the large pieces in the Kreg jig straight.

Once you build this Kreg jig storage unit, you will use your jig even more.  Just grab, drill the holes, and quickly put away.  Much, much easier!

Possible Alterations
to the Kreg Storage Unit.

Those of us who do a lot of building with the Kreg jig have 3/4" thick plywood and boards left over.  Making the box and the drawer from 3/4" material would change most of the lengths and widths of each piece.  And the usability of the drawer would be reduced if you made the drawer smaller to accommodate the 3/4" material.  It would take some time to rework the measurements, but probably worth it if you can use scrap wood.

The 3/4" wood would also add some weight to the final unit, which is consideration if you are planning to hang it on the wall.

Click on the Kreg Logo or the Link Below to go to these Kreg Jig Storage Plans.

To go to the website for these wood working projects, click here, on the Kreg Tools logo.  Click on the "Get Inspired" tab at the top of the page, and then go to "Plans."

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