KREG CD REVIEW: 15 Kreg Jig Plans to Challenge Beginner through Advanced Woodworkers.

This Kreg jig plans CD gives you 15 pocket hole plans in PDF format. These professionally designed pocket hole plans come complete with drawings with dimensions, and a material list. They also include pocket hole joint tips with the plans.

If you are wanting to learn how to build a workbench, a footstool, or a desk, this resource may be just right for you!

Some of the plans are easy enough for the beginner woodworker, and some will be a challenger to most experienced woodworkers.  See our reviews to find if one or more of these Kreg jig plans are right for you!

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You Can Build This Kreg Jig Footstool!

This footstool is a great woodworking beginner project. Construction of this footstool is interesting because it was designed to accent the pocket holes, rather than hide them.

To learn more about it, click on the photo or click here.

This Wall Shelf Plan is a Wonderful Project for a Beginner.

With only four pieces of wood and a few pocket screws, it is an inexpensive way to get started using your pocket hole jig. Once you have built one, it will be easy for your to vary the plans to build a wall shelf the size and shape you need for your home.

To learn more about these Kreg jig plans, click here.  Or, you may click on the photo. 

You Can Build This Patio Table With Your Kreg Jig.

This plan is a great one for the woodworking beginner, especially if you don't taper the legs.  Click here to learn more.  Or you can click on the photo to go to our review of these patio table woodworking plans.

This Deck Chair Plan is One of the Easier Ones on the Kreg CD.

Although not exactly a beginner woodworker plan, this deck chair plan is certainly buildable if you are willing to try a little beveling and a little mitering.  You will certainly end up with a durable, deck chair!

To review this plan, click on this link, or on the photo.

This Kreg Jig Plan is NOT for a Beginner.

This project is NOT for a woodworking beginner! If you are just starting out, and need more seating, we recommend that you start with a bench. Construction is much less complicated than a chair.

To learn how to build a dining chair, click here.

This Desk Plan is on the Kreg Jig Plans CD.

This plan is probably not for a beginner woodworker either.  But if you have a router, a planer and a table saw, it might be perfect for you.

To see more of our review of this plan, click on this link, or on the photo.

See Our Review of these BBQ Table Plans.

These BBQ table plans would not be our first choice for a beginner woodworker.  However, the plans are very comprehensive, and will give you a clearer understanding of how to plan your own outside serving table. To learn more, click here, or on the photo.

With Pocket Hole Joints, You Can Build This Interesting Plant Stand.

Again, this Kreg plan would not be our first choice for a woodworking beginner. The angles and the curves make this a great pocket hole project for a woodworker who has already built a few items.

But if you are that experienced woodworker, check out our review of these wood plant stand plans.

This Draw Leaf Table Plan is Complex and Requires Many Tools!

If you are up to a woodworking challenge, this Kreg dining table plan may be just perfect for you!  Precision work is required to have the extension leaves slide out and up level with the main table top.  To see our complete review, click here, or on the photo.

This Stunning Schoolhouse Clock Plan is For the Experienced Woodworker!

The final product is beautiful!  But to make it that beautiful, you need a very high level of woodworking skill!  If you like miters, dados, bevels, and routing, this plan may be just right for you.

Click on this link, or on the photo, to learn more about these wooden clock plans.

This Wooden Bird Feeder is Made With Pocket Hole Joints.

This Wooden Bird Feeder is Made With Pocket Hole Joints.

This wood bird feeder plan is more complicated than the free one at the Kreg Tool website, so would be more appropriate for an experienced woodworker.

We have built many bird feeders from the free Kreg bird feeder plans, because they make great gifts! Click here to check out the bird feeder plan for the woodworking beginner.

A Solid Wood Kitchen Stool is One of the Kreg Jig Plans on the Kreg CD.

The photo shows this kitchen stool in three different types of hardwood, but the great thing about making your own Kreg projects is that you can make them to match your home!

To see our review of this plan, click here, or on the photo.

 This Workbench is for The Experienced Woodworker.

This Kreg Jig workbench is a complex plan that would be more suitable for someone with alot of woodworking experience.  Click here, or on the photo, to see these Kreg Plans.

This Fold Out Cabinet is Designed for an Onion Bin.

You Can Build This Patio Table.

If you own a pocket hole jig, maybe one of the Kreg jig plans on this pocket hole plans CD are right for you.

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