Kreg Jig K5
Setup is Even
  Simpler and Faster!

The Kreg Jig k5 setup is so easy and so fast!  And, almost foolproof!

Just follow the simple, step-by-step instructions below, and you will be ready to drill pocket holes in just a couple of minutes!

Step One:  Measure the Width of Your Work Piece.

The first step in the Kreg Jig K5 setup is to measure the thickness of the material you will be drilling into. You will use that measurement for the next two steps. For this example we will use a measurement of 3/4 inch.

Step Two:  Kreg Jig K5 Setup of the Drill Guide.

Simply pull the pin at the front of your jig.

Then slide the guide up until you reach the 3/4" mark and release pin. Push down on the guide to make sure it is set.  DONE!  In just a couple of seconds!

Step Three:  Choose the Length of Your Screw

Very simple with the handy screw chart you placed inside the cover of one of your wing extensions.  For 3/4" thick wood, you will use 1 1/4" pocket hole screws.

Step Four:  Set Up Your Drill Bit.

For this step you will need the four pieces in the photo.  This step takes just seconds, too.  I love it!

On the drill bit guide, find the marking for the 1 1/4" screw, which is the second hole.

Put the drill bit guide between the clamp and the jig.  Slide your drill bit into one of the holes of the Kreg Jig and then into the second hole of the drill bit guide.

Then simply slide the stop collar onto the top of the drill bit until it rests on the jig, and tighten it with the allen wrench.  SO EASY!

Then put your allen wrench and the drill bit guide into storage in one of the wing extensions.  And put your drill bit into your drill.  You are almost ready to make pocket holes!

Step Five:  Clamp Your Wood in Place.

I love that the clamp is in the front of the jig!  BUT, to set the clamp, you start from the back.  Push down on the gray button and push the ratcheting clamp all the way to the back.

Put the clamp handle to the down position.

Put your workpiece next to the drill guide, and slide your clamp as tight as possible up to the workpiece.  WHILE STILL HOLDING THE CLAMP IN PLACE, lift up on the clamp handle until you hear two clicks.  Then pull the handle down.

Your piece of wood will not be moving!  The ratcheting clamp holds it down tightly!  And, again, this takes just seconds.

You are ready to drill!


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