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Kreg Face Clamps Are Great with Pocket Hole Joints.

Assembly of wood working projects easier with Kreg clamps.

The Kreg face clamps come in several sizes and configurations, but all share the the quality you have come to expect from Kreg Tool.

We can't emphasize enough the role of clamping for the accuracy of your pocket hole joints. The clamps will hold your wood pieces in the exact spot you want for your wood working project.

You want to be sure that the pocket hole screws will enter the second wood piece in exactly the right location. Squeeze clamps like the Kreg face clamps will help you achieve the accuracy of a professional.

With a pocket hole joint, the purpose of clamping is to keep the pieces from moving while you are putting in the Kreg pocket hole screws. As soon as you insert the screws, you can move your clamp to the next pocket hole joint. You don't have to keep the clamp on the joint while you wait for the glue to dry.

The Kreg premium face clamp help you assemble your wood working project.

3 Inch Kreg Face Clamp

The premium face clamp from Kreg Tools has a 3" reach and can be used with wood up to 2 3/4 inches thick.

This is the basic Kreg face clamp.

6 Inch Kreg Face Clamp

The large Kreg face clamps have a 6" reach and will work with wood pieces up to 5 inches thick.

This Kreg face clamp has the largest reach.

10 Inch Kreg Face Clamp

The extra-large clamp as a 10" reach, and will work with wood up to 6" thick.

All of the clamps from Kreg Tools feature:

  • a large pad on one arm for use on the "good" side of your wood working project; and
  • ergonomic comfort grips that prevent pinching.

The Kreg right angle pocket hole clamp is very handy.

Kreg Right Angle Clamps

Definitely put this one on your wish list! Kreg designed this clamp specifically for pocket hole joints.

It is like having a third hand when assembling cabinet boxes, drawers, shelving or any other wood working project that requires a perfect 90 degree joint.

One arm of this clamp ends in a steel pin that you put into one of the pocket holes. This securely holds one piece of your wood against the other while you drive the pocket hole screw into an adjacent hole.

This clamp will work for both thin and thick wood pieces.

Once you have one of these clamps, you will want another!

On larger pieces like a cabinet, you could use one right angle clamp on one end, and the 2nd clamp on the other end. You can then drive all the pocket hole screws along that edge. Then remove the clamps, and drive the screws into the 2 pocket holes the clamps were in.

The Kreg corner clamp makes aligning pieces so much easier.

Kreg 90 Degree Corner Clamp.

Here is another tool to put on your wish list!

This clamp is unique! The self-squaring components automatically align your pocket hole joints to a 90 degree angle.

The handle makes it very easy to adjust for the thickness of your wood. It also has a quick-release lever.

The large clamping surface is made of heat treated steel and has nicket plating, to help prevent an imprint in your wood working project surface.

Cost of Kreg Face Clamps.

Each of the clamps described here are between $22 and $35. But, if you can add them to your tool collection one-by-one, you will find them well worth the money.

If you can't afford these clamps right now, not to worry. Check out our assembly jigs, and the article about clamping. Your set up time for each of your pocket hole joints will be longer than with the clamps, but with care you will be able to achieve very accurate and square joints!

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