Kreg Blanket Chest Plans
are Easy to Assemble

On Page 1 of the Kreg blanket chest plans we showed you how to cut out the pieces, and how to drill the pocket holes.  On this page you will be able to see how easy it is for a woodworking beginner to assemble those prepared pieces.

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Shaker blanket chest,
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Connecting the pieces on these Kreg jig plans is easy for the woodworking beginner.

Assembling the Box of Your Kreg Blanket Chest Plans.

Align the bottom along the cutout line of a side piece, making sure that the pocket holes are on the underside of the bottom piece. Clamp in place, double-check that is square, and then drive the pocket hole screws from the bottom piece to the side piece.

Repeat this step to attach the other side to the bottom.

Lay the front piece of these free Kreg jig plans face down on a flat surface. Align the now-connected sides and bottom on top of the front piece. Clamp in place; double-check for square; and, then drive the pocket screws from the side pieces into the front piece.

Notice that the pocket holes are in the middle of the leg, and the hole doesn't cut into the visible portion.

Also, drive the pocket screws from the bottom piece into the front piece.

Lay the back piece face down on a flat surface. Align your almost-completed box on the back. Repeat the previous step, by driving Kreg pocket hole screws into each drilled pocket hole.

The box portion of your Shaker blanket chest is now completely assembled using the right angle, pocket hole joint.

You may want to fill the pocket holes with pocket hole plugs on the inside of your blanket chest, where they will be seen when the chest is opened.  Inserting those pocket hole plugs before the cover is attached would be easier.

Attaching the Top to Your Kreg Blanket Chest.

The 2" wide wood strip at the back of the top is attached using five
1 1/4 wood screws.

Because these holes will be noticeable in your completed Kreg blanket chest plans, you will want to space them evenly. You also want to make sure that the two outside holes go into the top of the side pieces.

Once your 2" strip is marked, clamp it to the back of your box. Use a #10 countersink, 1/4" hex shank, 1/8" pilot bit to drill the 3/8" holes on this piece of these easy wood projects.

Then attach the 2" strip with the 1 1/4" wood screws.

The 3/8" wood plugs will now fit into the holes on top of the flat-head screws. Use a LITTLE wood glue when putting them in place. Tap the plugs gently with a small hammer to seat them firmly into the holes. Immediately wipe up any excess glue with a damp rag.

After the glue has set, sand the plugs flush with the surface.

Your next step is to add the 3" brass hinges to connect the cover of these Kreg blanket chest plans.

Because the hinges will be very noticeable, they must be spaced out evenly. The middle hinge must be centered on the top of the back piece. The 2 outside hinges are 2 1/2" from the edge.

Align the top cover with the top back, and attach the hinges to the cover.

If you wish to add a knob, you may. It is not necessary, though, as the cover can be lifted using the overhang on the front and both sides.

Construction of your  Kreg blanket chest
is now complete.
We painted ours a rich cranberry color.

Options:  Convert to a Cedar Chest.

To make these free wood project plans into a cedar chest, simply line the inside of the box with cedar. This would be much easier to do before the top pieces are attached.

Click on the Photo to be Taken to the PDF for These Free Blanket Chest Plans.

If you take a copy of the pdf into the shop, you should have all you need to cut and drill the pocket holes with your Kreg jig.

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