Kids Step Stool Plans!


These kids step stool plans were created with handles so that the kids could easily move the stool from kitchen to bathroom, or wherever else needed.

There are 3 distinct phases to building this step stool plan, and each has its own page.

The first phase is preparation, cutting and drilling the wood.  That is what this page is about.

The second phase is finishing this child's step stool (i.e. - painting or staining).  To visit page 2, click here.

The third phase is assembly - putting it all together!  To visit page 3, click here.  On that page I show you how to make assembly very simple.

On each page you will find a link to the free woodworking PDF for this Kreg step stool plan.

The link to the
free download of the woodworking plan PDF
for these
free kids step stool plans
is at the bottom of the page.

Woodworking Tools Needed to Build Kids Step Stool.

Because these free kids step stool plans were designed for the woodworking beginner, there are only a minimal amount of tools needed.

The woodworking hand tools used are:

  • woodworking clamps;
  • pencil;
  • tape measure;
  • square; and
  • Kreg Jig.

Power Tools Needed

The woodworking power tools used to make this kids step stool are: 

  • jig saw;
  • and a drill. 

A power sander would be helpful, but not essential.

If you have another saw, such as a circular saw, table saw, or miter saw, the straight cuts will be easier.  You will need the jig saw for the handle cutouts, and to shape the bottom.

Materials Needed.

You will need the following wood:

  • (1) 1x10 by 2'; and
  • (1) 1x8 by 6'.

You will also need about (20) 1 1/4" coarse pocket hole screws.

If you can't find them locally, they are available at Amazon.

The Only Type of Pocket Hole Joinery is Right Angle.

The only pocket hole joinery used for these kids step stool plans is right angle joinery.

The photo shows the use of the Kreg right angle clamp.  When you get to the assembly section photos, you can see that I used this Kreg clamp throughout the assembly.

The Estimated Cost to Build This Step Stool.

The total cost to build this kids step stool, when made of pine, is approximately $15.

This does not include the cost of finishing or painting it.

If you would rather purchase one, you may do so at Amazon.


Cut The Five Pieces
for The Kids Step Stool.

The PDF, available at a link below, has the cut diagrams for both the 1x3 and the 1x10 boards.

The Next Step is to Mark the Circle on the Bottom of the End Pieces.

The circle is 5 1/4" in diameter. It is located 2" from the outside edges of the side pieces.  If you have a compass, you can draw the circle with that.

If not, find a round object around the house that is the approximate size, such as a cereal bowl, to draw the circle on the two bottom pieces.  Just be sure the object is centered between the sides and between the two pieces.

Marked the Rounded Corners and the Handle Cutouts.

The PDF shows you all the other markings you need for the end pieces.

To mark the rounded corners I used a spray paint can - this obviously doesn't have to be high tech!

The markings for the handle should be accurate however.  I also marked the center of each of the 1 1/4 holes, since that is the starting step in the process for making the handles.

Drill the Two Ends of Each of the Handle Cutouts.

Before using the circular bit, I drilled a pilot hole on the mark for each of the side handles holes.

I also learned to drill the circular hole more slowly.  I had quite a bit of tear out on the first ones I did.

Use Jig Saw to Cut Rest of Handles.

Cut the rest of the two handles out with the jig saw.  They may look kind of rough right now, but sanding will fix it.

Cut the Rounded Corners and Bottom Arch.

Use your jig saw to round the corners at the top.

To get ready to cut the arch at the bottom, you can cut some lines from the edge right up to the line of the arch.  This will make the scrap fall off as you are cutting the arch, and help you get a smoother cut.

Finish Cutting the Arch Using Jig Saw.

The arch is easy to cut with the scrap falling off making it easier to move the saw blade along the circle lines.

The Next Step is Sanding!

I clamped the two end pieces together, and used the rotary sander to get the corners to match.

I also sanded all of the flat surfaces.

Round All the Edges.

I used the sander to round all of the edges.  (Of course, if you have a router you could use that.)

I also tried to used the rotary sander on the handles and arches.  Big mistake!  I spent a lot of time trying to fix the problems that created.

Hand sanding worked just fine inside the handles and the arches.

With the Pieces Cut and Prepared,
You Can Set Up Your Kreg Jig.

All of the wood used in these kids step stool plans is 3/4" thick.  You set up your Kreg Jig to match that thickness of wood.

If you need a refresher on how to do that (it is easy), click on these instructions:

3 of the 5 Pieces Have Pocket Holes.

This photo, which is also included in the PDF, shows where to drill the pocket holes.

Be sure you don't put the ones for the step piece too close to the edge.  You need to save space to attach the aprons, and you want all of the pocket holes inside the two aprons.  That way all of the pocket holes will be hidden on the inside of the underside of this kids step stool.

You are Ready for Phase Two:
Finish Your Step Stool!

Once the pocket holes are drilled you are ready to finish your piece.


To see how I finished this one
with milk paint,
click here or on the photo above.

Download The Free PDF for These Kids Step Stool Plans.

Click on this link, or on the drawing to the right to download your free copy of this woodworking plans PDF.

Need a Free Bird Feeder Plan?

This free bird feeder plan was developed by the Kreg Tool Company.

To learn more about it, and to get the link to download it, click here.

You may also click on the photo.

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