How To Build Step Stool!
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This page is all about how to build step stool for kids!  This step stool will be one of the most handy pieces of furniture in your house!  The kids will find endless uses in every room of the house.

There are 3 separate phases to building this step stool plan, and each stage has its own page.

The first phase is preparation, cutting and drilling the wood.  To visit Page 1, click here.

The second phase is finishing this child's step stool (i.e. - painting or staining/varnishing).  To visit page 2, click here.

The third phase is assembly - putting it all together!  That is what this page is all about.

On each page you will find a link to the free woodworking PDF for this Kreg step stool plan.

The link to the woodworking plan PDF
free download
is at the bottom of this page.


When I first started in woodworking I had no concept of what a jig was, or why on earth you would want one!!

Now I use jigs for everything possible!!!!

I use jigs for cutting!

I use jigs for drilling!

I use jigs for measuring!

I use jigs for assembly!

So what is a jig?  It is anything that helps you build more easily, more accurately and faster.

And the results are so, so much better!

This is a Simple Assembly Jig!

I made this simple assembly jig in about 10 minutes using some scrap plywood.

The goal was to make putting together projects with right angle joints much easier.

Because very joint in this project is at right angles, this jig makes great sense!

To see how easy it was to make this jig, click here or on the photo.

Clamp the step in place before you drive the pocket hole screws.

This is a Simple Spacing Jig!

I used two spacing jigs to assemble this kids step stool.  The one in the photo is a piece of scrap plywood I cut to 3 3/4" wide.  WHY?  The step is 3 3/4" from the top of the sides.  By using the jig, I just needed to measure ONCE, and I knew I would attach the step in the exact same position on both sides.  AND it would be level.

I also used a scrap piece of 3/4" wide plywood as a spacing jig for the set back for the aprons.

The photos below will show how all of these jigs were used.

How To Build Step Stool:
Assembly Step by Step

It is easy to drive the pocket hole screws to attach the first step.

Start Assembly By Attaching Aprons to Step.

I placed the step face down in the assembly jig, butting it up tightly to each side of the jig.

I then used the 3/4" piece of scrap plywood along the assembly jig to
setback" the aprons 3/4" from the edge of the step.  Next, I added the apron.  I then clamped the assembly jig, the 3/4" spacing jig, and the apron tightly together.

Use the brace to hold up the first side when you attach the second.

Attach First Apron.

It was very simple then to drive the pocket hole screws from the apron into the step without anything moving.

AND without trying to hold things in place.

AND without trying to keep everything square.

You can now attach the top by driving the pocket hole screws with the right angle attachment.

Attach Second Apron.

Next turn your step around.  Clamp the 3/4" spacing jig, and the 2nd apron into your assembly jig.  Then drive the pocket hole screws on that side.

The last piece of this wood step stool is the brace which goes under the top step.

Those 3 Pieces are
Square and Perfectly Aligned.

The step and the aprons are square and perfect aligned!  So simple to do!

With the brace attached, your wooden step stool is complete.

Next Place One Side Piece in Assembly Jig.

The side piece needs to have outside face down.

With these woodworking plans for kids, you can help a child build a wooden step stool.

Use 3 3/4" Spacer at Top.

Next put the 3 3/4" spacer on top of the step.  Then align the step, and clamp it tightly together to the assembly jig.

SketchUp diagrams are included in the woodworking plan PDF free download.

Make Sure You Clamp It Together Tightly.

I took this photo and then realized I didn't have the step tight to the side.  In the photo the gap is quite obvious.  So, I reclamped it, and it went together wonderfully.

Use 3/4" Spacing Jig Along Apron.

Just to make sure everything stayed square, I slipped a scrap piece of 3/4" plywood along the edge of the apron.  Again, when I drove the pocket hole screws, everything stayed in place.

Can I say again?  The jigs made it so easy!!!

Flip It Over to Attach 2nd Side.

Flip it over and go through the same process for the second side!

Your Kids Step Stool is Complete!

You now know how to build step stool!  The assembly process took less than 1/2 hour - and that included the time to take the photos.

Once you start using jigs, you will look for more ways that simple jigs like these could make the building process easier, faster and more accurate!

The Free Woodworking PDF for How To Build Step Stool.

Click on this link, or on the SketchUp drawing for a free woodworking PDF on how to build step stool.

Learn More About Woodworking Jigs.

Whole books have been published about woodworking jigs!  But you can learn more about how to use simple one by clicking here or on the photo.

Now consider
how much more special your step stool is than the $70 one at 

It is worth it to learn how to build step stool!

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