How To Build a Desk
Using These Plans
and the Kreg Jig.

You Can Build Your Own Desk!

How to build a desk?  One of the easiest ways to build a desk is with the Kreg jig!  With just a few simple tools, you can create a desk, shelving, cabinets and a host of other furniture and household items.  With the Kreg jig, even a woodworking novice can produce sturdy, functional AND beautiful wood furniture!

Check out the plans below, and then start building your own desk!

This is a FREE Desk Plan From Kreg Tool Company.

This was one of the first plans we built after we purchased our first Kreg Jig.  It was a great lesson in how to build a desk!  BUT, we would have had an easier time if we had started with something easier - like one of our step stool plans.

The desk ended up being too bulky and awkward for daily use.  However, we are still using the two base pieces for office storage.  And they are as sturdy as can be!

Still, it may be a great plan for you!  The plan is FREE, and we proved that it could be built by a beginner woodworker.  Click here, or on the photo, to see our review and photos.  And to get the link to download the plan.

Another How To Build a Desk Plan from Kreg Tool Company.

We downloaded this plan with every intention to build it.  It has a much smaller footprint, only 2" deep and 4" wide, than the FREE plan above.  It has a simple design with a bit of edginess to it!  It is very functional, and creates a significant amount of storage space.  The plan itself is first-rate, with step-by-step illustrations, cutting diagrams, materials list, etc.

This plan comes FREE with the Kreg DIY Project Kit - a great value!  Or you can purchase it from the Kreg Tool Company website for $7.

To learn more, click on this link or the photo above.

This Desk Plan is on the Kreg Jig Plans CD.

This plan is probably not for a beginner woodworker.  But if you have a router, a planer and a table saw, it might be perfect for you.  Even if you don't build this plan, you can use it to learn a lot about how to create a plan for a desk.

To see more of our review of this plan, click on this link, or on the photo.


Check Out Some More of the FREE Plans from Kreg Tool Company.

Kreg Tool Company has provided eleven FREE beginner woodworking projects using the Kreg jig.

Click here to see the ones we have built,
including the bird feeder in the photo.

We Have Created a Bunch of Kreg Jig Plans, too!

One of our favorite plans is this Onion/Potato Bin.  You can find this plan, plus many more on "Our Kreg Plans - 2".   Either click on the link or on the photo to check out these plans.

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