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Pocket screws make this an easy and free woodworking plan.

Ben's Variations on the Free Woodworking Plans - Bookshelf

You can take the free woodworking plans for a bookshelf, and change them to fit a particular decor, or a particular space.

Ben has been receiving requests from his customers to make a set of shelves just a little bit narrower, or a little bit deeper, or stained or painted differently. So, we thought you would enjoy some of the variations he has made.

With your Kreg pocket jig, all of these variations are very doable!

The Kreg pocket jig simplifies the construction of this bookcase.

Bath Space Saver Free Woodworking Plan? Not anymore!

When you look at the first 2 photos, you wouldn't know the original free woodworking plans were for a set of shelves designed to fit around and over the toilet!

Ben added 2 more shelves and a beadboard back to make this bookcase suitable for any room in the house. This variation has received rave reviews from his customers. He ended up making several almost identical to this one.

Click here, or on the photo to see what the original free woodworking plans - bookshelf looked like.

This bookcase is made from a Kreg tools plan.

Which version do you like?

This photo shows the 2nd bookcase Ben made with the free woodworking plans - bookshelf from Kreg Tools. On this one he used construction grade plywood, with a pine face frame, and a solid panel pine top.

On the first one, he followed the directions to a letter using oak plywood and solid oak face frame and top.

His fans are almost evenly divided as to which one they like best. What do you think?

Click on the photo to see the Kreg pocket jig bookcase in oak.

Pocket screws hold this bookcase together.

Add a Beadboard Back and a Ton of Character!

We couldn't believe the difference that adding a beadboard back to this free woodworking plans - bookshelf, could make!

On the top plan Ben painted the beadboard white. On this Kreg pocket jig bookshelf, he stained it to match the pine boards used for the sides and shelves. The result is an appealing and versatile piece of wood furniture.

To see this bookshelf without a back, click here. Or, click on the photo.

The kreg pocket jig and creatvity results in a great bookshelf.

Make it Deeper and Dress it Up!

The original of these free woodworking plans for a bookshelf used 6" wide boards for the sides and shelves, and a 8" wide board for the top.

For this variation, Ben just took the boards up one size - using 8" wide pine boards for the sides and shelves, and a 10" wide board for the top.

He didn't stop there. He added another layer to the top almost like giving the piece a hat. The extra trim around the bottom makes the bookshelf seem more substantial. The changes made a huge difference!

With the contrasting stain on the top and back, this is a standout piece of wood furniture!

All of the changes could be made by a beginner, including you, using a Kreg pocket jig.

Click here to see the original small footprint bookcase.

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