These Free
Woodworking Bench Plans - For a Potting
or Outdoor Work Bench.

These Bench Plans Can Be Built by a Woodworking Beginner.

These free woodworking bench plans make a great outdoor table suitable for a work table, a serving table or a potting bench.

These free Kreg plans have more steps than the other plans on Kreg's website, but we still rate them for beginners. None of the steps are difficult. This workbench will be incredibly sturdy, and will last for years, even in an outdoor environment.

(Photo courtesy of Kreg Tool, and is subject to copyright protection.)

The link to download this
free wood working plan from
Kreg Tool Company is at the bottom of this page.

This is the List of Woodworking Tools Needed To Build This Kreg Potting Bench.

You will need the following woodworking hand tools for these free Kreg plans:

  • Kreg pocket screw jig;
  • woodworking clamps;
  • tape measure; and
  • pencil.

The woodworking power tools you need for this workbench are:
circular saw, jig saw and electric drill.

As with every plan, we strongly encourage you to protect your eyes with safety glasses.

The Following List Shows the Materials Needed for These Free Woodworking Bench Plans.

  • (6) 2x4s - 8 foot long (cedar or treated lumber);
  • (6) 6 inch wide by 5/4 inches thick by 8 feet long deck boards;
  • (48) 2 1/2 inch coarse Kreg screws;
  • (48) 2 inch coarse Kreg screws;
  • (3) 1 1/2 inch coarse Kreg screws; and
  • (12) 2 1/2 inch exterior screws.

P.S.  If you would like to buy the screws from the Kreg Tool Company, just click on the photo of the screws.


You have three options for materials to use for this outdoor table:

  • cedar - which will cost approximately $ ;
  • treated lumber - which will cost approximately $ ; and
  • composite decking - which will cost approximately $ .

These free woodworking bench plans use more than 100 Kreg pocket hole screws. We were a little surprised the first time we read through the directions, because 4 of the support pieces (parts E.) are attached to the frame with regular screws. These four pieces will need 8 vertical pocket holes, but no horizontal pocket holes.

BUT there are 2 more support pieces (parts E.) that will have 4 horizontal pocket holes at the ends, but no vertical pocket holes.

Make sure you don't use your pocket screw jig to drill all 6 of these support pieces with the same pocket holes.

These free Kreg plans call for 3 different size pocket hole screws. All of them need to be the coarse thread, and all need to be the Blue-Kote Kreg screws. Before you get started you may want to check if your big box store has the 3 different kinds, or whether you need to order them.

These plans involve a lot of sawing. Check out the article about cutting jigs, so that you can make the cuts as accurately as possible.

Visit the Kreg Tool Company Website to Get Your Free Plans.

To go to the website for these wood working projects, click here, on the Kreg Tools logo.  Then click on the "Get Inspired" tab at the top of the page, and then go to "Plans."

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