Free Wooden Bench Plans for the Woodworking Beginner
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A woodworking beginner could build these Shaker bench plans.

Page 2 of these free wooden bench plans will take you through cutting all of the pieces for this Shaker bench with shelf.

These plans were designed for the woodworking beginner to build using the Kreg pocket hole jig, and can be easily modified to add another shelf.

In this photo the Shaker bench is being used in the laundry room, but with the extra shelf could also be used a TV console. With 2 shelves, there would be room for all the TV related components.

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The shelf is near of the bottom of these Shaker bench plans.

Cut your bottom shelf for these Kreg joint plans to 32" long, and 12" wide. Once more, mark the poorer side with an 'X'. That will be the underneath side of your shelf - the side where you will drill the pocket holes.

Side cleats make this wood Shaker bench very strong.

From your 3" wide board, cut both of the 2 side cleats and your center cleat to 10 1/2" wide.

In our photos the cleats were only 2 inches wide, and we had trouble with the cleats splitting when inserting the pocket hole screws. So we only used wood screws to attach the cleat to the end of the bench. We revised these free wooden bench plans to use 3" wide cleats, which makes it much easier to use your pocket hole jig to drill the pocket holes. That is what is shown in the diagram.

Because the cleats will be hidden, choosing the best side is not important.

The center cleat helps the top of this Shaker bench to not sag or bow.

This center cleat is the same cutting dimensions as the two side cleats, but is drilled differently. This cleat gives alot of support to your bench top, and ties the bench top and side rails together.

This piece will also be hidden so the choosing the best side is not important.

Using a cutting jig helps to keep your cuts straight for these Shaker bench plans.

Cutting Tips:

Our primary woodworker is a lefty so he aligns his circular saw on the left side of the cross cutting jig. If you are right handed:

  • move your straight edge to the left side of the line;

  • line up your saw blade on your line;
  • clamp your straight edge to the left side of the saw;
  • check that your straight edge is square to your board; and
  • make your cut following your straight edge.

These Shaker bench plans were built with the pocket hole jig.

Step Two. Setting Up Your Pocket Hole Jig and Drilling Your Pocket Holes.

With your boards cut to length, your next step in these Shaker bench plans is to set up your pocket hole jig. The 'step' in the step drill bit is set to 3/4 inch, just as in the photo.

Drilling pocket holes in the wood Shaker bench.

The upper part of your Kreg jig will also be positioned at the 3/4 inch mark. Once that is done, you are ready to drill the pocket holes in these woodworking beginner plans.

The shelf for the Shaker bench plans has 4 pocket holes on each end.

You will make 4 pocket holes on each end of your shelf. As you put your shelf into your Kreg pocket hole jig, make sure that your 'X' is on the side facing you.

Although not in the photograph, you will also make 4 pocket holes on the top end of your side pieces. Again, make sure you are drilling into the side that you want on the inside of your finished Kreg joint project.

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We did not create a PDF of this Kreg joint plan. You will need to print all 3 pages to take to the shop or garage.Here are the links to the other pages.

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