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NEEDED: A Great Site For Free Wood Working Plans!

Hobby Woodworker.
I was a hobby woodworker, from a family of fine cabinet makers. Some of the kitchen cabinet projects they made, cost more than my whole house!

Frustrated Woodworker.
I was also a frustrated woodworker, because my projects didn't turn out as square or as straight or as tight, or as pretty as I envisioned.

Stubborn Woodworker.
I was also a stubborn woodworker. My little family needed furniture, and I wasn't the least bit satisfied with the pressed board stuff I could afford. So, I went to the internet looking for simple plans that I could make with the limited number of tools I owned.

Frustrated Internet Searcher.
Then, I became a frustrated searcher. I found many sites that advertised “free” wood working plans, but when you clicked on them, the sites:

  • had long lists of other sites that sold woodworking plans;
  • had a couple of free wood working plans, but were basically advertising CDs or internet downloads that you could buy to get 14,000 woodworking plans; or
  • had some great plans, IF you had a wood shop with thousands of dollars of specialized woodworking tools.
I found many sites that advertised free wood working plans for beginners, but when you clicked on them, the sites:
  • were written by wood working “geeks”, who spoke a language I didn't understand; or
  • skipped over the most basic elements of woodworking – like how to find the right wood.
The Solution.
So, I decided I was going to build a website for beginners just like me!
  • I was going to answer all the questions I had, using language a beginner wood worker could understand.
  • I was going to give them photos and diagrams, so that they could look at the page, and say, “Oh, that's how you do that.”
  • And I was going to give them enough information that they would say, “Hey, I can do that!”

Formed a Team.
In the process, I made contact with an extended family member, Ben, who loved making things with his hands. He has close family that had worked in the solid wood furniture for years, but, more importantly, he understood the focus I wanted the site to have. So, we became a team.

Over time it evolved that Ben became the primary wood worker, and I became the primary web worker. Another family member has helped us out with some furniture design. Plus, we have had support and encouragement from more of our extended family.

The wood working projects you see on are finding uses in our homes. And hundreds of site visitors are saying, “Hey, I can do that!” and making wood furniture for their homes.

If you are one of those persons, we would love to hear from you!

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