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99% of New Internet Businesses Fail in the First Year.

This is Webb, the primary web worker for I am pictured here with my primary motivation for creating an extra income stream.

I had moderate success selling diecast car toys on the internet, making enough money to go from month to month, but not nearly enough to meet my goals.

Because of my internet experience, people would tell me how excited they were about their new business.

“We signed up with a drop-ship company, and we can sell everything – laptops, camping gear, designer purses. This is so great.”

Inside I was saying, “Ah, Honey, they already have your money. Don't let them steal a year of your life and all your dreams, too.”

Because, I KNEW that you had to find a niche – a small segment of the market you could master – to be successful.

“Look up my new website. The photos were taken by a professional photographer, and my website designer put it all together.”

On the outside, I was saying, “Oooh, that is beautiful!” And it was!

But on the inside, I was saying, “Print it out, frame it, and hang it on your bathroom wall. More people will see it there than on the internet.”

Because, I KNEW that if you don't have a way to get traffic to your website, you will fail.

I knew enough to know what didn't work, but not enough to know what did work. I couldn't give them any advice, because I didn't know how I could reach the financial and personal goals I had set.

I have a job that I am most grateful for, but, in this economy, there would be no pay increases for at least a couple of years.

I was frustrated because I needed to increase my income, but had almost no money and a limited amount of time. I kept searching for options, and, as I did, I realized I had created a mental list of criteria:

1. It had to be an “all-in-one” package.

My first site was inexpensive, but when I wanted to add another feature from a 3rd party, it was almost impossible. And when it didn't work the host would say it wasn't their fault, and the add-on seller would say it wasn't their fault, and I didn't know enough to solve it myself. I wanted one company that would say, “The buck stops here.”

2. It had to track results.

With my diecast car site, the only analytics I had were from my Google ads, and me watching which inventory shelves were looking empty. I was constantly testing which Google ad worked the best with which keyword. But, I knew there was so much more information from just my site - information that would help me make decisions, that would result in more success.

3. It had to focus on “keywords” - the terms internet searchers use.

In my diecast car business I learned the importance of keywords the hard way. I had already entered very detailed descriptions of over 600 products. It took months to rewrite all of the product descriptions to incorporate the applicable keywords, but it was worth it! Soon, I was on the first page for Google searches for my best keywords - “vw diecast” and “volkswagen toys”.

4. It had to be affordable.

My paychecks were just covering expenses, so I didn't have a lot of dollars to throw into a business I wasn't absolutely sure about.

Then, one evening, in my seach for free wood working plans, I STUMBLED across a woodworking site that had “Powered by Site Build It!” at the bottom of each page.

I am a stumbler, but not a stumbling idiot!

Then, one evening, in my search for free wood working plans, I STUMBLED across a woodworking site that had “Powered by Site Build It!” at the bottom of each page.

I was intrigued, so I clicked on the link. In less than 2 minutes I KNEW that Site Build It! was different than all the other options I had looked at over the past 7 years. I couldn't believe Site Build It! (now known to me as “SBI”) would let anybody download their “Action Guide”. I downloaded it; I printed it; and I read it. All night long.

If you are not a reader, you can watch the "Site Build It! Action Guide Video" to learn what I learned that night.

Site Build It! has lots of free information.

The next evening I went back to Site Build It! and printed out some more material. Not much sleep that night either. By the week-end, I had printed, and read - at least once - enough material to fill three, large 3-ring notebooks. Then, I read it all again.

See the link near the bottom of the page for other FREE material available from Site Build It!

During the next week, I tried to find all the negatives about SBI I could. But instead I found out more about how well SBI worked. I read stories from SBI owners. I read an analysis done by a third party of sites that had the phrase “Powered by Site Build It” at the bottom. I read everything I could find. By the end of that week, I was convinced that SBI would work for me.

But I still wasn't satisfied. SBI made some pretty, extraordinary claims, and I wanted to know “the how and the why” or the “big secret” behind SBI. It took me another week to figure it out, but once I did, there was no stopping me! Later I'll share with you, the “big secret”.

SBI! Monthly Billing OptionI immediately made the huge investment of $31.28. Remember, I said it had to be affordable.

My biggest investment was going to be with my time. I made the commitment to take the time to follow the SBI Action Guide to the letter.

Doing it my own way worked a little, but I believed Site Build It! would work in a big way. As a part of my commitment to do every step right, I cleaned out my computer. I deleted years of Seach Engine Optimization (SEOs) emails, and cancelled all my email subscriptions that gave internet business advice.

Then, I read the whole SBI Action Guide again.

Is it that hard to understand? NO! It involved a totally different mindset! And a strategy that led to win-win for every person that had contact with my site. I wanted to “own” the mindset, as well as implement the strategy.

The first tools you have access to, as an SBI subscriber, are “Brainstormer” and “Niche Choose It!” From these, you develop your “Master Keyword List.”

Remember, I said you had to have a niche, and that keywords needed to be the focus.

From the very first day that I accessed the Site Build It! subscriber tools, I knew more about my “business” (that didn't even exist yet), than I ever knew about my diecast car business. As I take each step in the Action Guide, I find new sources of data that I couldn't even have dreamed existed before.

Remember, I said it had to track results.

As I have followed the Action Guide step by step, the extraordinary claims made by SBI are happening.

SBI claimed that many of its subscriber sites were in the top 1-3 % of all websites.

  • Within 3 weeks, and only 9 pages, was in the top 3%.
  • Within 4 weeks, and a total of 13 pages, our site was in the top 2%.
  • Within 6 weeks, and a total of 23 pages, our site was in the top 1%.
  • Within 10 weeks, and a total of 31 pages, was in the top ½ of 1%.
SBI claimed that if you follow the Action Guide, and don't lose your focus, your site will have the #1 listing for many of your keywords.

We found our first # 1 listing at 6 weeks, and have added about 1 new #1 listing each week since.

SBI claimed that if you follow the Action Guide and don't lose your focus, you will see exponential growth in your site traffic.

For the first 4 months, our traffic was SLOWLY inching up. That was the most discouraging data we accessed every day. If it hadn't been for the site ranking climbing every day, we might have been tempted to quit. Then, in one day our site traffic quadrupled! Just like SBI claimed. We look forward to that happening many more times over the next few years.

SBI claimed that if you follow the Action Guide and don't lose your focus, you will make money.

We, purposefully, haven't made a dime yet. That is part of the Action Guide steps. But when everything else SBI claimed would happen, has happened, there is no doubt that will happen, too.

So, are you ready for the “big secret” behind the success with the SBI Action Guide?

SBI has somewhere between 40 – 50 thousand website subscribers. SBI runs analytics behind the scenes of ALL of those websites. As it does, it finds what is working, and what is not.

SBI has taken the “what works”, and put together an Action Guide that keeps you focused on what works, and tries to keep you as far away as possible from what doesn't work (i.e. Reading all the emails from the SEOs).

So, each SBI subscriber has very up-to-date data about their own site, but ALSO benefits from the data of thousands of other sites. Remember, I said it had to track results. My limited thinking applied only to my site, NOT the thousands of other sites SBI monitors.

I studied and studied until I was certain that Site Build It! would work for me. I encourage you to do the same! This does not have to be a rush decision.

Site Build It! has a Mountain Free SiteSell E-books
of FREE Information.

Click on the image to find 4 FREE tools, and 12 FREE ebooks. It is not necessary to read any of it, because once you get started you will need only the SBI Action Guide. For me, though, it was helpful.

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