Build This Small Bookshelf
With the Free Wood
Working Plan from Kreg Tool.


This Kreg Bookshelf Project Plan is a practical project for any woodworking beginner. If you don't need it for books, you could use it for clean towels in a bathroom, or as a night table in a bedroom.

Even though this is rated as a beginner woodworking project, we do not recommend it as your first project. Building a step stool, or a wooden bench would be a much better place to start. Also, the other wood bookcase plans on our site would be easier than this one.

If you have not used a Kreg jig before, click here. Using the Kreg jig and pocket hole joinery will "open doors" to building free wood project plans you never thought possible before. To see all of the reasons why we focus on the Kreg jig, check this page out!

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This free wood working plan requires the least amount of tools. For woodworking hand tools you will need:

  • speed square;
  • woodworking clamps;
  • Kreg pocket screw jig;
  • tape measure; and
  • pencil.

The woodworking power tools required to build these wood bookcase plans are:
circular saw and drill.

An electric sander is not an absolute necessity. It will take time, but you can always hand sand.


The materials needed to build this free wood working plan are:

  • (1) 4 foot by 8 foot 3/4 inch thick sheet of hardwood plywood;
  • (1) 4 foot by 4 foot 1/4 inch thick sheet of hardwood plywood;
  • (2) 1 inch by 2 inch 8 foot long hardwood;
  • (1) 1 inch by 3 inch 4 foot long hardwood;
  • (1) 1 inch by 6 inch 8 foot long hardwood;
  • (61) 1 1/4 inch fine Kreg pocket hole screws; and
  • (34) 1 1/4 inch coarse Kreg pocket hole screws.

Before you buy your plywood, go to 'Wood Working Tips - Plywood.

IMPORTANT: When buying your plywood, make sure that it is 3/4 inches thick! Even if the tag says 3/4", you need to measure it! It could be only 5/8 inch thick. If it is less than 3/4", you will need to make many changes to the free Kreg plans, including changing the depth of some of the pocket holes, and shortening the length of your rails.

To keep it simple, just find plywood that is actually 3/4 inch thick!


These Kreg bookcase plans call for the following pocket hole joints:

  • right angle joints; and
  • face frame joints.

Your Kreg K3 will help you make the pocket hole joints.


In the photo the Kreg pocket hole screws are going into the face frame. Check out the face frame assembly jig, which makes this step so much easier.

When measuring and cutting your face frame pieces, making a spacing and cutting jig will give you the most accurate results.


Pocket Hole Screws

This free wood working plan uses 2 types of Kreg pocket hole screws, both of which are 1 1/4 inch in length.

You will need 61 of the fine pocket hole screws for this free Kreg plan:

  • to assemble the face frame:
  • to connect the bottom, top and shelf to the face frame;
  • to connect the sides to the face frame; and
  • to do the edge joining for the top of your bookshelf.

You will need 34 of the coarse Kreg pocket hole screws:

  • to connect the bottom, top and shelf to the side panels; and
  • to connect the 2 back rails to the side panels.

The rule of thumb is:

  • If the tip of the pocket hole screw is going to end in a board, such as the face frame, use the fine screws.
  • If the tip of the pocket hole screw is going to end in the plywood, use the coarse Kreg pocket hole screws.

To learn more about Kreg pocket hole screws, click here.

Fixed Bookshelf

Most small bookcases would have an adjustable shelf, but this free wood working plan calls for a fixed shelf in the middle. This makes your bookcase very sturdy.

This plan has the back of the bookshelf set in, so that it is flush with the sides. The back will be connected to the top, bottom and shelf only. Usually, when a back panel is set inside the sides, you would need to cut a rabbet - basically a ledge for the back to sit in.

Order of Assembly

The order of assembly of these wood bookcase plans is a bit unusual. Normally, you would make the cube first and add the face frame to give it a finished look. With this Kreg bookcase you start by building the face frame, and then add the side, top and bottom pieces one by one to the face frame.

This is so you can align the top, bottom and shelf to the horizontal pieces of the face frame, which are called rails.

This is the oak version of this free wood working plan. This is now being used in an office.

This is the pine version of the same Kreg bookcase. This is now being used as a bedside table.

May you enjoy making this and our other free Kreg plans as much as we have!

Click on the Kreg Logo or the Link Below to go to these Bookshelf Plans.

To go to the website for these free wood working plan shelf, click here, or on the Kreg Tools logo.  Then click on the "Get Inspired" tab at the top of the page, and choose "Plans."

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