Free Wood Project Plans
are Easy with Our
Plans and a Few
Woodworking Tools.

Our free wood project plans include step stools, bookcases and benches. Many of these are in the Shaker furniture style because the simple lines make these good projects for beginners.

Each of our plans include comprehensive instructions, and many photos. You can also print out the pdf located on the bottom of each woodworking project page.

Choose one of our Kreg plans to get started, and then enjoy building many pieces of your own furniture!

You Can Build These Free End Table Plans!

These plans, even though they include a drawer, are simple enough for the woodworking beginner. We use 3 pages of instructions and photos so you can learn how to cut and drill all the pieces; learn how to assemble the table; and learn how to build a drawer.

To get started on building these very practical,
 Shaker style end tables, click here.

You may also click on the photo of the tables to go to page 1. of these wooden table plans.

The woodworking PDF for these end table plans is a free download of 9 pages of instructions and SketchUp diagrams.  The link to the PDF is at the bottom of each of the 3 plan pages.

The Handiest
Step Stool Ever!

These Shaker step stool plans have a handle! We have built more of these Shaker step stools than any other, and continue to get requests for them. The handle serves two purposes: it allows you to easily move the step stool without bending down; and it helps to stabilize you as you are stepping up!

Senior citizens love these! And, so do small children - even a toddler can drag it from bathroom to kitchen with ease.

These free wood project plans are a little more difficult than our other step stool plans, but with our photos and diagrams, YOU can build them!

Click here or on the photo
to go straight to these Kreg plans.

Our Arched Bench
Gets Used
Every Day!

This Shaker Style Arched Bench is a Favorite!

You only need a few woodworking tools to build these free wood project plans. We hope that your version of this bench will be a favorite of yours, too.

The plans are suitable for a beginner woodworker, with the only "tricky" part getting the arch line to fit the wonderful proportions of this Shaker style furniture plan.

Our comprehensive directions,
accompanied by many photos,
and completed with a pdf of these Kreg plans
are available to you just by clicking here on the photo.

Learn More about the Kreg Jig!

If you are not familiar with the Kreg jig, click here to discover why it is such a fantastic option for diy woodworkers!

We are excited about the new Kreg Jig K5, too!  Click on this link to see all of the new features that make this new version of the Kreg Jig a great investment for beginner woodworkers!

This Shaker Blanket
Chest Plan Creates
Great Storage Space!

Build this blanket chest for storage in your own home, or for a gift. Either way, this pocket hole woodworking project will see years of use. This plan was designed for the beginner woodworker using the Kreg jig.

The pdf was prepared so that you could take that into the shop to do the cutting and drilling. We encourage you, though, to read the step-by-step instructions, and review the many photos. Our hope is that this will be such a positive experience that you will want to build more with our Kreg plans! Use this link or click on the photo to see the Shaker blanket chest plans.

This Mission Table
Plan is Perfect
for Small Spaces.

Click here, or on the photo to go to this free wood project plan.

Make This Versatile
Bench as One of
Your First
Kreg Jig Projects

You could use this bench as a coffee table in your current apartment, an entry way bench in your first house, and extra seating when your kids' friends are around. It is so versatile, you will never run out of possible uses for it.

To go to this page of these free Shaker furniture plans, click here or on the photo.

More Free
Wood Project Plans
on Page 2

To see more the free woodworking plans created by Start With Free Woodworking Plans, click here or on the photo.

Need More Free
Wood Project Plans?

Check out the free plans from the Kreg Tool Company.  These include the bird feeder plan in the photo, a woodshop work table plan and much more.

Click on this link or on the photo to see a summary and photos of these Kreg project plans.

Check out the
Shaker Project
Plans We Have Created!

The simple lines of Shaker furniture make them a perfect place to start for the woodworking beginner.  Also, each of these pieces are very practical for everyday use.  Click here or on the photo to view the free Shaker plans you can choose from.

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