Free Wood Bench Plans for the Woodworking Beginner

Enjoy these free wood bench plans for the woodworking beginner.

Our free wood bench plans are perfect for the woodworking beginner! We have designed, simplified and built each plan, so that you will KNOW how to build a bench, and have confidence that the plan works.

These Shaker bench plans could be used as a bench, coffee table or entertainment center.

Free Wood Project Plans for a Shaker Bench With Shelf!

This bench, at 38" wide, 14" deep, and 14" high, is larger than our Shaker arched bench. You can use these Kreg plans to build a bench, a coffee table, or even an entertainment center.

Because of the extra shelf, this bench works great as an entertainment center. It would be very easy to add another shelf to hold all of your media components.

Click here or on the photo to see the
construction of these wood bench plans.

This Shaker arched bench has been used in the bedroom, living room and dining room.  It's small size makes it very versatile.

Free Plans for a Shaker Style Arched Bench!

This Shaker style bench plan is very pleasing, and with only 5 pieces of wood it is also a great project for the woodworking beginner. With the arched apron and the half-circle at the bottom of the sides, these free wood project plans are fun to build.

Click here or on the photo to get started on the construction of these free Shaker furniture plans.

With just a few woodworking tools, including your Kreg jig, you can build this solid wood bench.

There is also a Kreg plans PDF for you to print, and take with you as you build. We hope you will like your bench as much as we like ours!

This is the Sketchup plans for a Shaker storage bench.

Build This Beautiful and Practical Shaker Storage Bench.

This page is under construction.

These free wood bench plans are for a bench that is only 14" deep, but has a nice-sized storage space below the bench seat.

With your pocket hole jig, Kreg screws, and our Kreg plans you could build this wooden storage bench in one week-end. You will need only minimal woodworking tools to create a piece of Shaker furniture that will be used for years.

Check out the other free diy plans for woodwork on our site! We want you to succeed in this and all of your other Kreg jig projects.

The Shaker arched bench was distressed and finished with old-fashioned milk paint.

Learn How to Use Milk Paint to Finish These Free Wood Bench Plans.

You can finish the Shaker arched bench using old fashioned milk paint. Click here or on the photo to see the steps used in finishing this wood bench plan.

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using our free wood project plans.

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