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Free Potato Bin Plans!
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This onion cupboard was built with the Kreg pocket jig.

These free potato bin plans will give you a very handy way to store your potatoes and onions, without using up valuable cabinet space!

There are two distinct phases for building this potato and onion cupboard.  The first stage includes gathering all you need, and preparing the wood.

To see all the steps in that first phase,
please click here to go to Page 1.

The second phase is the actual assembly of your little potato cabinet.  That is what this page is all about - putting it together!

Pegboard is used as the back of these onion cupboard plans.

The link to the pdf for these free potato bin plans is at the bottom of this page.

Assembly of These
Potato Bin Plans.

Save Yourself Time
And Frustration!
Build this
Right Angle Jig FIRST!

We had not built this jig when we assembled this potato bin, but we surely wish we had!!  It makes the process so much easier!!!  And building the jig takes only 3 pieces of scrap wood, and about 15 minutes!

To see how easy it is to build and use,
click here or on the photo!

NOTE:  The photos below do not show the potato bin being assembled with the right angle jig.

Use a Kreg screw in each of the pocket holes.

First Attach the Front to One Side.

Lay one side piece on a flat surface. Align the front piece along the edge of the side piece. Clamp it in place; double-check for square; and then drive a Kreg screw into each of the pocket holes.

Join the 2nd side to these onion cupboard plans.

Attach the 2nd Side to the Front.

Lay the other side on your flat work surface. Align the side/front section along the edge of the 2nd side. As in the photo, use the bottom piece to help support the side/front section. Clamp it all in place; double-check for square; and drive each Kreg screw from the front into the side piece.

Partially assembled onion cupboard.

Prepare To Add the Bottom to Your Potato Bin.

Your potato and onion cupboard is starting to take shape. Mark the inside of both the sides and the front with a line that is 2 1/4" from the bottom on the onion cupboard. This line should be 1/4" above each of the cutouts.

Add the cupboard bottom to these easy free woodworking plans.

Connect the Bottom to the Front.

Clamp the front of your sides/front section on to your flat work surface. Align the bottom side of your bottom piece along the line. Clamp in place; double-check for square; and drive each Kreg screw from the bottom to the front.

Another view of the partially assembled onion cupboard plans.

Connect the Bottom to the Sides.

Turn your potato and onion bin onto one of its sides, and repeat the clamping, etc.

Turn your cupboard onto the second side, and repeat.

Once the cleat is attached, you can add the peg board back.

Connect the Back Cleat to One Side.

Your next step is to add the cleat. On the inside of each of your side pieces, draw a line that is 1/2" from the back. Draw another line that is 6" from the top. Place the top of your cleat at the intersection of these two lines.

Clamp the cleat into place on one side; double-check for square; and drive the pocket hole screws.

The cleat on this onion cupboard will support the pegboard back,

Then To the Other Side.

Repeat for the other side.

The pegboard allows for air circulation in this onion cupboard.

Attach the Pegboard Along the Back.

You can now attach the pegboard using the 3/4" nails.

Use a countersink drill bit to drill the screw holes at the top of these onion cupboard plans.

You Will Use the Countersink Drill Bit On the Top.

The back of the top is attached using 1 1/4" flat head wood screws. You will need a countersink drill bit.

The wood screws will be inserted below the surface, and hidden by the wood plugs.

Drill Holes to Attach Top.

Align your top back with the back and sides of your onion cupboard. Make sure when you drill the holes, that you have lined up the top so the wood screws will go into each side piece, a shown in this photo.

Use flat top wood screws to attach the top.

The 1 1/4" Wood Screws Are Used Next.

The wood screws will be below the surface of your wood.

Fill the countersink screw hole with flat plugs.

The Flat Head Plugs Will Cover the Screws.

That leaves room for you to cover the screws with flat head wood plugs. Glue the plugs in place.

The wood plugs give the top a nice finished look.

Sand the Wood Plugs Even With the Top.

The next step in these free potato bin plans is to sand the plugs so that they are level with the top of the wood.

Attach the hinges to connect the cover on these onion cupboard plans.

Next, Attach Cover with the Hinges.

You can now attach the hinges to both of your top pieces. Make sure each hinge is an equal distance from the sides of your top.

It works best to mark the spots for the hinge screws, and then drill a small pilot hole at each spot.

This onion cupboard provides convenient, dry storage.

Your Potato Bin is Now Complete!

Your cover is now attached, and you have completed these free potato bin plans.

With the front gap below the cover, and the pegboard back, this onion cupboard has lots of air circulation.

Gap At The Front is Intentional!

The gap between the top and the front is part of the design to allow airflow around the potatoes and onions.

NOTE: Paint or stain ONLY the outside of your onion cupboard. You do not want your food absorbing any of the chemicals used in the finishing process.

This is a Sketchup diagram of these onion cupboard plans.

Click on the photo, or on this link, to go to the pdf containing the Sketchup diagrams of these free potato bin plans.

You can buy this Kreg DVD for pocket hole cabinetmaking   from Sears.

Build Your Confidence with This Kreg Pocket Jig DVD!

It seens like there is so much to think about when building cabinets. This Kreg DVD, "Pocket Hole Solution to Cabinet Making", will answer many of your questions. Start With Free Woodworking Plans highly recommends this Kreg Tools dvd for anyone considering building their own cabinets.

If it helps you avoid even one mistake, it will be well worth the purchase price!!

We Have More Shaker Style Plans.

We have more Shaker style woodworking plans that are just as easy as these free potato bin plans.

Click on the photo,
or on this link,
to see if one of these Kreg woodworking plans
is right for you.

If you would like to see more examples of potato and onion cupboard plans, click on this link at Pinterest.

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