Assembly of These
Free End Table Plans
Using Kreg Pocket Hole Jig
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These free end table plans have the aprons offset by 3/8

Assembly of these free end table plans is easy using the Kreg pocket hole jig, and a spacing jig you create yourself.

All of the pocket hole screws used in assembling the table base are the 1 1/4" regular Kreg screws.

Page 1 of these Kreg plans
 gets you started on creating this end table.

Page 3 shows you
 how to build a drawer
 for these free end table plans.

The woodworking plan PDF is complete,
 and is free for you to download.
The link is at the bottom of the page.

The aprons for this wooden end table are offset from the legs by 3/8 of an inch.

The aprons on these Shaker end table plans are not attached flush to the inside of the legs. They are offset by 3/8". The objective is to keep that offset as consistent as possible on all four sides, and do that as efficiently as possible.

Create a simple, spacing jig to get that 3/8 inch offset.

That offset is accomplished with a spacing jig, and this one is as simple as can be! All you need is 1 board that is 3/8" thick. It should be close to the same height as the apron. And it needs to be the same length or shorter than the shortest apron.

Simply put the spacing jig under the apron to get the accurate 3/8 inch offset.

Once you have your spacing jig cut out, you simply place it on a flat surface. Place the apron on top of the spacing jig and align the apron with the leg. Clamp the pieces together, and drive your Kreg pocket hole screws.

Using the spacing jig saves you time and gives you beautiful results!

Without any time spent measuring and marking, each joint between the apron and the leg will be consistent! And you won't look like a woodworking beginner!

You can now add the side aprons - again using the spacing jig - to your wooden end table.

You can now attach the sides of these free end table plans. Again, use the spacing jig at each end to get the correct offset.

The table base is complete and ready for you to attach the table top.

The face frame for these Kreg table plans can now be attached using the same process used to attach the aprons. The offset is the same 3/8".

1 1/4 inch pocket hole screws are used to attach the table top to the base on these free end table plans.

Mark the underside of your table top for the location of the corners. Lay your table top on a flat surface and clamp it in place. Align the table with the table top, and drive your Kreg pocket hole screws from the aprons into the table top.

The basic assembly of these Kreg table plans is complete.  Now it is time to learn how to build a drawer using the Kreg Micro jig.

Page 3 shows how to build a drawer
 for this wooden end table.

Page 1 covers collecting
 all the materials and tools needed
 for this end table with drawer.
It also shows cutting the pieces
 and drilling the pocket holes.

The woodworking PDF is done in SketchUp diagrams, and is 9 pages long.

When you are ready
to build these Kreg table plans,
click here or
on the SketchUp diagram
to get the 9 page, free download of the
woodworking PDF.

Go from these Shaker End Table Plans
 to the Introduction to Shaker Furniture Plans.

Check out our plans
 for how to build a step stool,
 including 1, 2, and 3 step plans.

Leave Free End Table Plans
 to see the construction
 of the cabinet plans
 you can build with the Kreg jig.

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